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Renee Demps An easy smile with a difficult job

Rick Patrick

It may seem like a position that merely forces people to follow a multitude of rules and regulations. However, in her role as the Madison County Planner, Renee Demps makes every attempt to make the process as pleasant and personable as she can. Demps' genuine, warm personality no doubt helps to accomplish this task.

Demps has been in her current role as County Planner for two years, but she has been working for the taxpayers of Madison County for a total of 12 years, having spent the previous 10 year in the county's building department. Demps has two separate graduate degrees, a Master's of Public Administration (MPA) from Kaplan University and a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) from Saint Leo University. Demps received her undergraduate degree in Human Services Administration from Saint Leo University. Demps earned her degrees while working two jobs and being a mom to her daughter Alana, 15. When confronted with people who complain that it's hard going to school, Demps can't help but chuckle. "If I can do it, anyone can do it," says Demps. "My child was my motivation during the time I was going to school. I wanted to provide a better life for her. I have sacrificed a lot, but it's been worth it."

Demps considers her primary job focus to be providing excellent customer service to the people she encounters, whom she refers to as her "customers." Demps also helps landowners work through the maze of land development regulations, interpreting codes, pulling permits and many other tasks that come along with the job of making sure development projects run smoothly and serve the greater good of the entire county.

One of the many tasks that Demps undertakes is that of the Community Rating Service (CRS) Coordinator. This job has a direct impact on land-owners' flood insurance rates. As part of her duties as CRS Coordinator, Demps works with other departments on activities to help ensure potential floodwaters flow properly to avoid flooding. Demps also helps make homeowners aware of flood insurance plans and ways to help prevent their houses from flood damage, especially if the homeowner live in an area where flooding is likely to occur. Through her work as the CRS Coordinator, Demps has managed to help increase discounts to Madison County residents' flood insurance rates from a 10 percent discount to a 15 percent discount. Demps says she hopes to bring those discounts even higher.

Demps is married to Allen Demps, a Correctional Officer with the Florida Department of Corrections. Allen is also the varsity Head Basketball Coach for the Madison County High School Cowboys. Renee also serves as the Assistant Girls Basketball Coach at Madison County Central School. Renee can be considered the "First Lady of Cowboy Basketball," helping in almost every area of support for the program possible. In her remaining spare time, Demps helps her mother with her day care center, helps students edit school term papers and is active with the family's church, Azalea City Church of God, in Valdosta. Demps also enjoys spending time with her family.

Madison County is fortunate to have a positive role model such as Renee Demps serving all its citizens.

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