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Recent tornado rated EF1

Savannah Reams: Greene Publishing, Inc.

On Tuesday, Dec. 4, the day after a tornado caused severe damage to the property of Cherry Lake residents in the early morning hours of Monday, Dec. 3, representatives from the National Weather Service visited Madison County in order to collect data and study the storm's path. After gathering information, the representatives met with Madison County Emergency Management Director, Alan Whigham, in order to discuss their findings. The National Weather Service determined that the tornado reached wind speeds at a high of 100 mph, rating the storm an EF1. The damage path was estimated to be approximately two miles long.

Madison County Emergency Management emphasized to Greene Publishing, Inc. that these types of tornadoes develop quickly, sometimes not showing up on the radar until the moment of touchdown. Citizens are advised to take extreme caution when weather alerts are administered, due to the fact that, by the time alerts are received, the storm is most likely close by or already upon the area. "Be diligent and take weather alerts seriously," said Whigham.

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