Q.E. Multicultural Art And Training Academy Comes To Madison

By Rose Klein
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This coming school year, 2014-2015, parents will have a new private non-traditional school to check out for their Kindergarten-12th grade students.
The Q.E. Multicultural Art and Training Academy (QEMAATA) Virtual School will open it’s doors Aug. 18, at 1282 SW Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. The school is located next door to the Madison County Recreation Center, in the same building where the New Millennium Charter School and staff was previously located. The building is under renovations to bring the structure up to date and to accommodate the school’s virtual curriculum.
The virtual schools curriculum will be semester-based virtual teacher facilitated courses, meaning that students will have a teacher on site, but all lessons will be done online. This synchronous learning system will allow students to work more at their own pace but will also give the students the benefit of having a teacher on hand to answer questions and enhance student learning. The school’s goal is to provide an education that is marked with individual attention to a talented and diverse community of students. This diversity includes students with learning disabilities, speech impairment or health related issues, with the school accepting McKay and Step Up For Students scholarships.
A renovated building and virtual curriculum are not the only new designs the school plans to bring to Madison. QEMAATA will serve K-12 students Monday through Saturday, offering a six-day school week instead of the average five and will be offering after school programs all six days as well. The school’s Director says this is in order to invest more time with the children in the community and to reach the school’s goal of closing the gap between every child’s potential and his or her day-to-day performance. “With parents, teachers and administrators all working together, we can provide each student with the opportunity to maximize his or her potential.”
Along with educational goals, QEMAATA wants to empower and challenge every student to “responsibly meet the challenges of everyday life by promoting not only academic achievements, but personal development and social involvement.” Part of the school’s curriculum will include real-life skill opportunities, such as computer courses and other hands-on skills which will enable students to succeed in their lives after graduation.
The Q.E. Multicultural Art and Training Academy Virtual School is currently accepting applications for students as well as teachers who are certified and hold, at minimum, a Bachelor’s Degree in education. For more information on the school or to apply as a student or for a teaching position, email qemaata@gmail.com.
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Rose Klein

Written by Rose Klein