Portable Classrooms A Necessity As MCHS Renovation Project Begins

Submitted By Madison County Superintendent Doug Brown
The Madison County School District has been awarded funding to begin a $16.8 million renovation project at Madison County High School.  The renovations will take place over a period of two years and require some dislocation of students from regular classrooms to portable buildings during portions of the project.  A total of sixteen portable buildings will be placed on the east side of the school to accommodate students during Phase I of the project.  Certain classes will meet in the portables commencing with the 2014-15 school year that begins on Monday, August 18.
“Although placing students in portable buildings is not ideal, we ask parents and students to understand that doing so is necessary to complete the renovation.  When students step into the newly renovated MCHS, we believe they will be happy to have spent time in portables,” said MCHS principal Ben Killingsworth.  The renovation project will be addressed by school personnel at the MCHS Open House scheduled for Thursday, August 14 at 6 p.m.  Parents and students are urged to attend.
Superintendent Doug Brown said the District has saved significantly by utilizing previously used portable buildings instead of purchasing new units.  The savings will allow greater amounts of funding to be directed to the renovation of the existing facility.  District and school officials have also developed safety plans and will conduct safety drills to ensure that all students and staff are familiar with changes required by location in the portable buildings.  “We realize this is a bit of an inconvenience and a significant change for students and faculty, but we will make sure that safety and security of students is maintained,” said Brown.
Phase I of the renovation will focus on the north portion of the MCHS complex with other areas of the facility to be addressed in subsequent phases.  When the renovation is complete, students will enjoy much improved classroom spaces, a remodeled cafeteria, and a host of infrastructure improvements.   A new roof and enhanced entry points will be among the most noticeable changes to the exterior of the complex.   Regular renovation updates will be posted to the District and MCHS web pages.
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