Pioneers Of Madison County: William Sever 1788-1870

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A true Florida Pioneer, William Sever and his wife Mary Priscilla Lewis arrived in Madison County before 1830 from Emmanuel County, Ga., with seven children.  William’s father was Henry Sever; Mary’s parents were Abraham and Prudence Lewis.  Their children follow:  1.  Nancy, 1810, who married Silas Overstreet;  2.  Elizabeth, 1816, who married Felix K. Eason; 3.  Mary, 1818, who married James T. Leslie; 4.  William Henry, 1821, who married Mary Griner; 5.  Martha Ann, 1823, who married Daniel Burnett;  6.  Dicey, 1825, who married James Edward Vann; and 7.  Susannah, 1828, who married William Pierce.  In later years (1865) William married Mrs. Ann B. Boyd.
William and his son William Henry served in Capt. Livingston’s Company, 2 East, as Privates in the US Army during the Indian Wars.  William and Mary are buried at the Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery, in Greenville.
William received 80 acres from the U.S. government in 1831, 80 acres in 1834, and 40 in 1835.  He ended up with 640 acres in the Hamburg area, and lived there the rest of his life.
Third Generation
William had only one son, William Henry, 1821, to carry on the family name; but William Henry and Mary Griner did a pretty good job, by having the following five sons and no daughters:  1. Frances M., 1845;  2.  William W., 1847; 3. James Andrew, 1849; 4.  Henry (George) Washington, 1852;  5. John Hunter.
We think Henry W. moved to Pinellas and Hillsborough, married Julia, raised a family, and worked in citrus.
Fourth Generation  William W.
It seems that William W. was the only son of William Henry and Mary who remained in Madison County.  He married Mary M. (according to Find-A-Grave, Mary Mattox Eason)  and the couple raised their children in Mosely Hall and then Harmony.   They had the following 11 children:  1.  William H., 1875; 2.  James H., 1876;  3.  Mary V., 1878, who married J. S. Cave; 3. Andrew B., 1880;  4.  Jackson T., 1882, who married Rozza Beaty in 1908; 5.  George W., 1885; 6.  Moses E., 1899, who married Maggie Beaty in 1914;  7.  John S., 1891; 8.  Sarah R., 1893; 9. Louis L., 1896;  10.  Lugenius, 1904.
It appears that Andrew B. moved to Dade County, married Leona, raised a family, and was a police officer.  Jackson T. lived and was buried in Lamont, Jefferson County.  George W. died in 1909 and was buried in Lamont.  Moses Eason married Maggie Beaty and moved to Dade County.  He died in 1957.
Fifth Generation:  William Henry,  James H.,  and Louis Leon.
William W., and his sons William H., James H., and Louis L. all lived near each other in Harmony.  William Henry, 1875; was first married to Maggie  and the couple had the following children:  1. Will T., 1896;  2.  Ed Andrew, 1898;  3.  Henry, 1900;  4.  Trudy, 1902;  5.  Charles Eason, 1904;  6.  Laura May, 1905;  7.  J. Broward, 1909;  8.  Sallie, 1912;  9.    Rebecca, 1914, who married Russell Taylor;  10.  George W., 1915;  11.  John W.,  1918. William W. remarried Carrie Mae  in 1935.
James H.  1876, married Della May  and the couple had Bessie May, 1902; and Charles W., 1903.
Louis Leon, 1896, married Fannie Bell , and the couple had Louis Leon, Jr., 1924.
Henry, it appears, moved to Dade County, died in 1986, and was buried in Lamont.
Fifth Generation:  sons of William H.
Charles Eason, 1903, lived in Tuten and married Nellie Mae  and the couple had Joseph H., 1929, and Charles, 1939.
Ed Andrew, 1898, married Wilhemina , and the couple had Ellen W., 1929; Willard, 1930; Maggie, 1931; and Andrew Ed, Jr., 1937.
Will T., 1896, married  Hoyett and the couple had the following children:  William H., 1930; Elbert, 1932;  Glen Etheridge, 1940;  and Linda, 1944.
In Summary, William Sever had six daughters and one son, William Henry.  (William was a big name in the Sever family, and the Williams seemed to remain here).  William Henry remained in Madison County and had six sons.  It seems that only one of the six sons, William W., raised his family in the county.  William W. had nine sons, and three of them remained—William H., James H., and Louis Leon. William H. had three sons that raised their families in Madison County:  Charles Eason, Ed Andrew, and Will T.
The William Severs are only half of the Severs in Madison County. Around 1845, Benjamin Sever moved in, we think from Jefferson County, and married Mary Tillis.  This branch of Severs does not seem to be at all connected to the William Sever family who arrived in 1830.  Our next article will cover the Benjamin Sever family.
The Madison County Florida Family History Book  provided some information for this article. Other information was pieced from census reports on and from the Madison County Genealogy Website. Sometimes, putting the puzzle of family histories together requires a little deduction, and sometimes the pieces might not be in the right place.  Please let us know if we haven’t put the puzzle of your family together correctly.
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