Pioneers Of Madison County: Hugh Hadden Part 1

Editor’s Note: Be sure to check the Friday, November 21 edition of the Madison Enter-prise-Recorder for Part 2 of the Hugh Hadden Pioneers article.
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As did most of the pioneers who came to Madison County, Hugh Hadden came from South Carolina, and by 1835 was enrolled in the Florida militia.  He served in Captain Livingston’s Company, Taylor’s Battalion, Middle Florida Mounted Volunteers; Lt. Smyli’s detachment, McCant’s Battalion, 12th Regiment, 2nd Brigade;  Captain Thomas Langford’s Company, Taylor’s Battalion, Florida Mounted Volunteers; and also, we think, Captain William Townsend’s Company of Florida Mounted Volunteers.  These soldiers fought against Indians. Because of his service, Hugh received a Bounty Land Warrant in 1850 and was granted 160 acres on which he homesteaded his land and raised his family.
On July 19, 1838, Hugh married Lucy Sapp, in Madison County.  Lucy was the daughter of Henry and Mary Sapp.  Hugh and Lucy had 12 children:  1.  Rebecca, born 1839, died before 1860, married first P.H. Vann in August 4, 1853 and second Josiah Sion Phillips December 19, 1858.  2.  Henry, born 1840, died before 1870, and married Frances Missouri Stephen on February 15, 1860. 3.  Julia Ann, born September 11, 1843, died February 7, 1925, married Evy Stokely February 10, 1869 and second Edward Joseph Wimberly 1882. 4.  Mary, born September 24, 1845, died February 14, 1915, married Samuel Hammock November 20, 1862.  5.  Joshua Q., born February 24, 1848, died October 15, 1893, married Luvena Elizabeth Cobb January 27, 1870.  6.  Franklin (Frank) born September 1, 1851, died December 24, 1907, married Temperance Ann Caulk December 23, 1875.  7.  Jane, born 1853, married Henry Tom Caulk January 13, 1874.  8.  Sarah F., born September 1857, married John Wesley Caulk October 26, 1876.  9.  Missouri, born Sept 10, 1859.  10.  Alice, born 1862, married Mr. Cobb.  11.  John, born 1863, died before 1903, married Minnie Walker January 23, 1889.  12.  Laura Lucy, born 1866, died before 1882, married John W. Gamble February 10, 1886.
Hugh and Lucy had four sons and eight daughters.  As far as we can tell, Henry and his wife Frances Missouri Stephen had no children.  Henry was a Private in Company G, Florida 3rd Infantry Regiment.  He died at age 30.  John and his wife Minnie Walker moved to Texas and raised their family.  So, the pioneers left in Madison County were Joshua Q. and Frank.
Third Generation:  Joshua Q.
Joshua Q., 1848, and his wife Louvina Elizabeth Cobb had seven children, we believe.  1.  Samuel Hugh, born 1871, married Annie Juanita Cottingham December 20, 1896, died August 23, 1940, and is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery.  2.  Alice L., born 1873, married Russell Vann Feb 6, 1895.  3.  William J., born Oct 9, 1874, died December 31, 1899, and is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery.  According to family stories on, Joshua Q.’s son, William J. was on his way to be married to a Miss Tedder.  Apparently there was a gas leak in the hotel where he was staying in Jacksonville, and he was asphyxiated.  4.  Randall H., born January 20, 1878, married Sarah Francis Wetherington January 14, 1902, died June 4, 1958, and is  buried in Pine Grove Cemetery.  5.  James Oscar, born October 28, 1880, married  Marguerite  or Marjorie Sloan on August 16, 1904, died March 21, 1956.  6.  Mamie Lou, born February 12, 1883, died March 21, 1956, and is buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.  Mamie did not marry and lived for years with her sister, Alice.  7.  Thomas P., born July 24, 1887, died May 12, 1907, and is buried at Pine Grove Cemetery.  We don’t believe that Thomas married or had a family.
Often, research into family histories involves a bit of deduction and guesswork.  If you see omissions or mistakes, please don’t hesitate to correct us.
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Much thanks to Tina Golden, who contributed the article on Hugh Hadden in the Madison County, Florida Family History Book.  Also, the Vann Family Tree in Ancestry provided good back-up information and anecdotes.  And also to Jan Smith and Lloyd Hadden for providing invaluable help in getting the facts straight about the Hadden families.
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