Pioneers Of Madison County: George Wyche 1793-1844

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The story has a familiar beginning. George Wyche and his brother, John Scott Wyche, 1819-1889, migrated, by way of Georgia, to Madison County sometime in the 1830’s. Both were large landowners; the value of John Scott’s estate in 1850 was $10,000; George Wyche’s son’s land was valued at $15,000 and his personal worth was estimated to be $40,700 in 1860.

George and John Scott were sons of Batt and Mary Jarrett Wyche. Batt Wyche, according to the Georgia Historical Society’s Batt Wyche Family Bible and Genealogy Notes, 1866-2007, was born in 1767 in Richmond County, Ga., died in Decatur County, Ga. at the home of his daughter, and was buried in Montgomery County, Ga. According to the DAR website, Devereaux Jarrett, Mary Jarrett Wyche’s father, was a Revolutionary War Soldier in Georgia.

John Scott Wyche married Hannah Lawson McIntyre in Thomas County, Ga. on June 1, 1837. John Scott and Hannah had the following daughters: Margaret Susannah, born November 15, 1838, married Thomas Livingston, and died April 3, 1873 in Brooks County, Ga.; Lucinda Jane, who was born around 1841, married William A. Livingston, had a daughter, Hannah McIntyre Livingston in 1860, who married James Young; and Mary Lawson, born around 1844.

John Scott died in 1855. In the 1860 census, his wife, Hannah, lived with her daughter and son-in-law, Thomas and Margaret Livingston and her daughter, Mary Lawson. By 1880, Hannah was living with her granddaughter, Lula Livingston. Hannah died in 1889, and is buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Thomasville, Ga. A posting on the Family History website, Genforum, tells us that on May 26, 1845, John Scott was an elections supervisor in the first Florida statewide election in Madison County, Precinct 4, Cherry Lake.

Some family history websites say that Hannah was the second wife of John Scott, and he had sons that he left behind in Georgia. We don’t find any evidence of sons in Madison County, and feel that John Scott’s lineage died out in Madison County, when he died in 1855.

John Scott Wyche’s brother, George Wyche, married Margaret Smith Bryan in Montgomery County, Ga. on June 6, 1816. George, according to the Ancestry Family Data Collection, was born March 25, 1793, and died December 27, 1844. George and Margaret had only one child, a son, James Lawrence, born September 20, 1828, in Montgomery County, Ga.

Second Generation

James Lawrence married his second cousin, Elizabeth Hannah Wyche, in Thomasville, Ga. on November 16, 1851. Elizabeth Hannah was born on August 16, 1831, in Thomas County, Ga. James Lawrence and Hannah Elizabeth had at least one child, Catherine M. (Kate) Wyche, born April 12, 1855, married James M. Groover, died Oct 5, 1887, and is buried in Cherry Lake Church Cemetery. Elizabeth Hannah, first wife of James Lawrence, and mother of Catherine M., died December 10, 1858, in Madison County, and is buried in the Cherry Lake Methodist Church Cemetery.

James Lawrence then married Mary Elizabeth Rosseter, in Terrell County, Ga. Mary Elizabeth was born May 25, 1839, and died December 23, 1900. The couple had six children. James Lawrence died September 17, 1868, at almost 40 years of age, and is buried in Cherry Lake Methodist Church Cemetery. James Lawrence was a planter, and, as mentioned above, his land was valued at $15,000, and his personal worth, in 1860, was $40,700.

Third Generation

Children of James Lawrence and Mary Elizabeth follow: 1. Elizabeth H., born around 1857 2. Margaret B., born around 1861 3. David R., born around 1864 4. James Lawrence, born 1865 5. Mary Clayton., born, 1867 and 6. Arthur Rosseter., born 1869. David R. appears to be Robert David, who died on February 19, 1872, at age eight and is buried in Cherry Lake Methodist Church Cemetery. Margaret married Robert Groover. In 1900, Margaret and Robert Groover resided in Nankin, Brooks County, and Margaret’s mother, Mary Elizabeth lived with them. An Eliza Wyche married Reed Williams in 1887, but we aren’t sure that this Eliza is the daughter of James Lawrence and Mary Elizabeth. According to Ancestry family trees, Mary Clayton died, unmarried, in 1910 in Georgia. We also couldn’t find any evidence that Arthur Rosseter lived to adulthood and left descendants.

James Lawrence, born September 21, 1865, married Maud Waring Wyche, born November 25, 1870. The couple married on January 24, 1894. In 1900, the couple was residing in Dunnellon, in Marion County. James Lawrence died on January 14, 1907, leaving Maud a widow with two young boys, ages nine and five. Maud moved back to Madison County, and died four years after James Lawrence, on Sept 16, 1911. Maud and James Lawrence are both buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Madison.

Fourth Generation

James Lawrence and Maud had the following children: James Lawrence, born 1899; and Benjamin Waring, born March 20, 1902. In the 1920 census, James Lawrence and Benjamin Waring lived with their uncle and aunt, B.G. and Vera Waring. James Lawrence was 21, a store clerk, and Benjamin Waring was 17. Although no records refer to James Lawrence as James Lawrence, III, he appears to be a third.

Fifth Generation

James Lawrence, born 1899, or Lawrence as later records indicate, married Louise Young, born April 7, 1901, according to Ancestry Family Trees. In 1940, Lawrence and Louise lived in Madison; Lawrence was a bookkeeper. Lawrence and Louise had one son, James Lawrence, or Jimmie, who may have been James Lawrence IV. Jimmie did not marry or have children, so the name James Lawrence ends with him. Lawrence died in Lowndes County, in 1979. Louise died in Madison February 2, 1994. Their son, Jimmie was born December 14, 1921, and died August 30, 1995 in Tallahassee. He owned a popular restaurant on Hwy 90, near downtown, that sold pizza and is remembered for the toy train that ran around the top of the walls, just under the ceiling. He also showed short cartoons on his walls for the families with children who came to his business. Jimmie is also remembered for the interest he took in Carl Joseph, who was born with only one leg, and played football for Madison High School. Jimmie helped Carl earn a football scholarship, and helped Carl write a book on his successes.

Benjamin Waring, brother of James Lawrence III, and second son of James Lawrence II, married Mosely Randell Smith, and the couple had two sons.

Sixth Generation

Sons of Benjamin Waring Wyche and Mosely Smith were: Benjamin Guignard Wyche, born July 8, 1927; and Waring Wyche, Jr., born October 11, 1929. Benjamin G. married Blanche Grantham Purdon August 4, 1956. The couple had two sons and a daughter. Benjamin died August 19, 2001, and is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Madison.

Waring Jr. married Mary Louise Sullivan on April 19, 1952. The couple had one son, born in 1954, while Mary Louise was in an iron lung, suffering from the effects of polio. Mary Louise died on March 27, 1955. Waring then married Emma Jane Folsom on May 9, 1959. The couple had another son, born in 1961. Waring died December 7, 1982.

Seventh and Eighth Generations

Sons of Benjamin and Waring remain in Madison County, working and raising their families. The Wyche family, descended from George Wyche, who came to Madison County in the 1840’s, has been a continuous, stable, influential, contributing presence for seven generations. They are Madison County.

Sources for this article include, family articles located through Google, and the Madison Genealogy Club website. Please let us know if you see mistakes. Often, deducting descendents involves a bit of guesswork, so we welcome your corrections.

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