Pioneers Of Madison County: Daniel Burnett

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When one has lived in a county for a few years, he can sense which folks have been around for a long time.  Maybe one knows longtime residents because their name is common.  It could be that those who have lived in Madison for years have lots of aunts and uncles and cousins. The stories of early days long-term residents tell are a clue. Or maybe one can tell because the folks who have been around so long seem to feel a pride or an ownership in their county.  But there is something even deeper that runs in long term residents that the rest of us see.  There is a confidence that Madison is their home; it has been, and it will be their home.
Born in South Carolina, Daniel Burnett and his wife Hannah Gornto came to Madison before Florida was a state, around 1840.  He is listed in the 1840 census, along with his son, James Burnett.  Daniel arrived in Madison County after a stopover in Bulloch County, Ga., where he had received land in the 1805 Georgia Land Lottery.  Daniel and his family settled around the Cherry Lake and Hamburg areas and have lived in this area for many generations.
Second Generation
Daniel and Hannah had three children:  Mary, born around 1806 and married William Knight; Daniel, born in 1817, and died 1903 married first Martha Ann P. Sever and then Francis T. Grambling; James was born between 1810-1820 and married Sarah Jane Guiton.
Third Generation/Daniel
Daniel and Martha P. Sever had seven children:  Peyton Pierce, Capers Peter, Daniel William, James T., David Felix, Mary S. and Elizabeth Maude.  Daniel and Frances Terrell Gramling had six more children:  Margaret B., Emma D., John, Samuel Henry, Nancy C. and Marshal O.  Daniel and his wives lived in the Madison and Hamburg areas their whole lives, and at least three of their sons married and also raised their families in the Madison/Hamburg area.
Third Generation/James
James and his wife, Sarah Jane Guiton had five children:  William, Thomas, Nancy Nelly, James, and Samuel J.  At least two of their sons raised families in Madison.
Fourth Generation/Daniel
From Daniel and Martha Sever’s family, David Felix married Rebecca Jane Paul; they lived in Madison, Hamburg and Cherry Lake.  Their children were Rosella, Alonzo J., Daniel Felix, George Paul, Lewis Washington, Mary Agnes and Louis.
Daniel and Martha’s  son, Daniel William married Mary Elizabeth Morrow and had the following children:  Madge E., Martha Elizabeth, James Daniel, William H., Capel Pellar, Samuel Felix, SP., Mary Frances C., and Mazzey. Daniel and Mary Elizabeth raised their family in Madison, Hamburg and Cherry Lake.
From Daniel and his second wife, Frances Terrell Gramling, Samuel Henry married Carrie L. Wilson and had the following children:  Carl Washington, George Forest and Samuel Paul.  Samuel and Carrie lived in the Madison area.
Fourth Generation/James
James and Sarah Jane Guiton’s son William married Sarah Elizabeth Dansby, and had the following children:  William Shelton “Shelt” and Daniel Bryan.  James died at age 26 as result of wounds in the Civil War.  He died in a hospital in Richmond, Va.
James and Sarah Jane’s son, Samuel J. married Martha Burnett and had the following children:  William Jackson, Henry, Samuel, Jobe, Martha A., and Rose Ann.
If you’ve managed to make it to the end of this article, whether you are a Burnett, a kin, or an obsessive article reader, you may have seen some familiar names—Daniel, Samuel and William Burnetts abounded. You will probably be even more familiar with some of the fifth generation Burnetts.
Fifth Generation/ Daniel
Children of George Forest Burnett, who married Martha Church Croom were Mary Martha, George Forest, Jr., and Carlton Croom.
Fifth Generation/James
Children of William “Shelt” and Ella Jane Loper were William A., Councel Moye and Joseph Russell. Children of “Shelt” and his second wife, Rhoda Henderson were Rosa Lee, Eva Mae, Kathleen, Ruby E. Katie, Minnie Belle and Mary Helen.
Thank you, Burnetts, for being here so long and for taking such good care of our county.  We love you.
Part of the information in this article was provided by Sandra Norris in articles in The Madison County Florida Family History Book.  In addition, information was used that came from several Burnett Family Trees on The Madison County Genealogical Society welcomes your input and invites you to join our organization.  We meet on the second Thursday monthly, except during summer months, in the Madison Public Library from 6 to 7 p.m.  Annual dues are $25.  To add comments or corrections to our articles or to submit your own sketch on your ancestor, contact us at Madison County Genealogy Society, P.O. Box 136, Madison, FL 32341.  Or contact us by email at  If you would like for us to write an article featuring your ancestor, please contact us by mail or email.
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