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Pinetta locals prepare for Founders Day

John Willoughby: Greene Publishing, Inc.

Founders Day at Hickory Grove United Methodist Church is just a short time away and things are quickly coming together. Just a few weeks ago, approximately 40 to 50 church members and others gathered on a Saturday and picked off green peanuts from nearly 30 bushels. Eugene Williams is in charge of boiling these southern delicacies with plenty of salt and they will be available to eat during Founders Day on Saturday, Oct. 20.

For the past 20 years or so, the family of Willie Agner, whose farm is just a few miles away from the church, has grown the peanuts for the church to use on Founders Day. "A really big thank you goes to Willie and Willie Jr. "BoBo" for helping the church again this year," said Dan Buchanan, a member of Hickory Grove United Methodist Church. "The Agner families live in the Hickory Grove community and their kindness has not gone unnoticed."

About ten years ago, Founders Day sponsored a "Hog-Calling Contest" as well as a "Dill Pickle Spitting Contest." Several locals have commented that these events were really fun and by popular demand, those events will be returning for enjoyment.

The events are scheduled to take place at 11 a.m. and the winner of each event will receive a box of Founders Day smoked sausage. These contests are open to all and, of course, it is all for fun. So, practice up your hog calls and your pickle-spitting because you're invited to come and participate.

At last year's event, Founders Day directors tried a new event called "Diggin' for Gold." In the old schoolhouse, the teacher will be teaching short Bible lessons, and for everyone who sits and learns about Jesus Christ, they will have an allotted time to dig in the sand for quarters, dimes and nickels. Yes, finders keepers this time around.

Founders Day has been going strong for 28 years and if you come, Hickory Grove United Methodist Church is sure you will enjoy a great day at church. Everyone is invited to come, visit, eat a great meal and have some fun. The festivities will take place on Saturday, Oct. 20, at Hickory Grove United Methodist Church, located at 1218 NE Hickory Grove Rd., in Pinetta. Look for the signs so you will not get lost. For more information, call Dan Buchanan at (850) 464-8710.

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