Pastor Lasseter Tells How Wife Helped Start Church In Lee

Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 2.30.21 PMBy Pastor Emeritus, Rev. Charles R. Lasseter
My wife, Mary Lou Flynn Lasseter, always wanted a church where her family and friends could go and worship the Lord.
Mary’s mother passed away when she was only two years old and Mary was raised by her two aunts and uncles — Hattie and Adolphus (Dockie) Donaldson, and Mattie and Jim Anderson. When they passed away, they willed all of their property to Mary, me and our children, so that we would always have a home. In 1985, Mary and I, our daughter, Brenda, and son-in-law, Allen McCormick, bought the house that Mary’s Aunt Hattie and Uncle Dockie had built, paid to have it moved to it’s present location, and Mary and I donated the land for the church, renovated it, so that our family and friends would have a place to come and worship the Lord.
The church was formed as Lee Pentecostal Assembly. We have seen a lot of people come and a lot of people go but the church will always be there for family and friends to come and go as they please. Mary has taught Sunday School, brought people to church, carried people food, carried people to doctors’ appointments, put up homeless people in our home, done community events, worked when I was down in the bed with back surgery, and also spoke for me when I was not able to speak at the church. Without Mary, there would not be a Lee Worship Center ┬átoday.
Mary also got her Certified Nursing Certificate in 1985 and worked with mentally ill and elderly in the nursing home. Mary deserves a medal of honor for all that she has done for the church, her family, her church family and her community. I am very proud of my wife as well as our five children and their families.
Mary doesn’t get to go to church a lot due to her illness. Please pray for her that she will be able to go back to the grounds that she had, always loved and worked very hard on.
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