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Volunteer department main topic at meeting

John Willoughby: Greene Publishing, Inc. On Tuesday, Feb. 6, the Lee town council gathered at Kinsley Hall to hold their monthly regular scheduled meeting to discuss multiple topics concerning the Town of Lee, and their community organizations; specifically including Lee Community Volunteer Fire Department (LCVFD) and three lift stations. In attendance were: Mayor Eddie Bell and council members Shirley vonRoden, Erika Robinson, Dianne Beck and Ronnie Bass. Others in attendance were Town Manager John Anderson and Deputy Clerk Courtney Bailey. The meeting began with a word of prayer by County…

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Passing Parade: “Beetle Bailey” has passed

Nelson A. Pryor: Guest Columnist “Beetle Bailey, a comic strip about an Army private who malingered his way through seven decades at Camp Swampy to the consternation of his commanding officers and the delight of his fans in the armed forces and beyond, has passed; at least, its creator has. Mort Walker, creator of the lovably lazy private, recently died, according to the Monday, Jan. 29, 2018 New York Times, p. 7b. The cartoon will still continue. Mr. Walker had the longest tenure of any cartoonist on an original creation,…

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Mullet Tournament

Story Submitted The Madison Golf and Country Club is excited to announce the Mullet Tournament, taking place on Saturday, Feb. 24. The Mullet Tournament brings together participants from all surrounding counties who are excited to have a great time at this annual event. With the best cooks frying the freshest mullet around and preparing the best swamp cabbage you’ll ever taste, this event is one you don’t want to miss. Teams are made up of three people, and the entry fee is $50 per person. The tournament is in super-ball…

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Robots roll at MCHS

Rick Patrick: Greene Publishing, Inc. Not so long ago, in a galaxy really close by, when one would mention robots, the image of the friendly mechanical housekeeper “Rosie,” who faithfully served the George Jetson family would come to mind. Now, robots are no longer limited to fantasy and science fiction. Robots, and hence robotics, are becoming more and more common, and the implications for manufacturing – and even agriculture – will be widespread. A working knowledge of robots and robotics will likely be a very valuable asset in the future….

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