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Officer assaulted; two arrested

Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that on Tuesday, June 14, at approximately 8:48 a.m., Deputy Holbrook, while on routine patrol, observed a vehicle on SR 53 South committing several traffic infractions and saw that the driver was not wearing a seatbelt. Deputy Holbrook initiated a traffic stop and the vehicle eventually stopped on Midway Church road.

Deputy Holbrook approached the passenger side of the vehicle and ordered the driver to roll down the passenger side window. The driver, identified as Ray Anderson, 45, of Lee, appeared confused and took several minutes to comply and roll the window down. After Anderson complied with his request, Deputy Holbrook began explaining the purpose for the traffic stop, but received no response from Anderson.

While Deputy Holbrook was explaining the purpose for the stop, he further observed Anderson place his hand on the gearshift as if he was contemplating driving away. A passenger in the back seat, who was identified as Dylan Herring, 16, also of Lee, reached to the front of vehicle and took the keys out of the ignition and provided them to Deputy Holbrook.

Deputy Holbrook ordered Anderson to exit the vehicle several times but Anderson refused. Deputy Holbrook requested assistance from Corporal O’Brian.

Deputy Holbrook went to the driver side of the vehicle and opened the door for Anderson in an attempt for Anderson to voluntarily exit the vehicle. The passenger voluntarily exited the vehicle and was ordered to stand in front of the vehicle. Anderson continued to refuse to exit the vehicle and began reaching under the driver’s seat at which point Deputy Holbrook grabbed Anderson's wrist and again ordered him to exit the vehicle. Anderson began stating that he was going to clean out his car before exiting and suddenly began pulling and snatching away from the grips of Deputy Holbrook. Deputy Holbrook then grabbed Anderson behind his right shoulder area to remove Anderson from the vehicle. Anderson grabbed Deputy Holbrook by the leg causing him to lose his balance as Herring began to confront Deputy Holbrook, yelling at him to let Anderson go. Deputy Holbrook, while struggling with Anderson, ordered Herring to get back and stay at the front of the vehicle.

Deputy Holbrook and Anderson continued to struggle until Deputy Holbrook fell to the ground with Anderson. Deputy Holbrook quickly rolled away from Anderson as Anderson was quickly getting up. Deputy Holbrook drew his less lethal taser and deployed it to Anderson’s torso area, causing him to fall to the ground a second time. Herring began approaching Deputy Holbrook yet again, shouting that he was going to “whip his ass.”

Deputy Holbrook, who still held the taser in one hand, was forced to draw his firearm with his other hand and at gunpoint, ordered Herring to the ground. Herring, after several orders, eventually complied and got on the ground. Simultaneously, as Deputy Holbrook was occupied with Herring, Anderson was removing the taser leads from his torso, causing Deputy Holbrook to remove his cartridge and “drive-stun” Anderson on his shoulder area to gain compliance. Herring again tried to approach Deputy Holbrook as he dealt with Anderson and reluctantly complied with orders to step back. Anderson eventually stated that he was done and complied as Deputy Holbrook managed to get wrist restraints on Anderson while maintaining a visual on Herring.

Deputy Goldman was the first assisting officer to arrive on scene and Deputy Holbrook began escorting Anderson to the patrol unit. Deputy Holbrook informed Deputy Goldman to detain Herring in the back of his patrol unit for further investigation. Deputy Goldman approached Herring and Herring immediately pushed off of Deputy Goldman, nearly causing Deputy Goldman to fall. Herring began walking away while Deputy Goldman ordered him to stop. Herring continued to refuse to comply and Deputy Goldman deployed his less lethal taser, causing Herring to fall to the ground. Corporal O’Brian arrived on scene and assisted Deputy Goldman with Herring, taking him into custody.

An inventory of the vehicle recovered an opened empty alcoholic beverage container on the passenger seat. Deputies performed a person’s search of Herring and located a pipe used to smoke marijuana that contained residual amounts of the drug. Both subjects were transported to the Madison County Jail without further incident. The commendable actions and demeanor of Deputy Holbrook and Deputy Goldman during the volatile situation was captured on the body-cams that are assigned by the MCSO; the footage cannot be made public or released due to pending case dispositions.

Anderson is facing charges of battery on a law enforcement officer and assault on a law enforcement officer.  Herring is also facing similar charges of battery on a law enforcement officer as well as other charges, such as resisting an officer without violence, possession of cannabis less than 20 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia or equipment.

Ray Anderson

**web**Ray Anderson

Dylan Joseph Herrin

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