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Rick Patrick: Greene Publishing, Inc.

I readily admit that I am a nosey person. Not really in a rude way, or at least I don't think I am rude. I chalk it up to a natural curiosity more than anything else. I actually find myself telling my co-workers, "It's okay to tell me to mind my own business." My wonderful co-workers are usually too polite to say that to me, although they may think it to themselves on occasion.

Personally, I think a certain level of "nosiness" is a good trait for a reporter. I even had the boss tell me earlier today, "Reporters are always the nosiest people." She said that in response to a question I had asked her. She didn't make her comment out of disappointment, it was more of a playful joking. That's one thing I love about my job. In addition to having an outlet for my natural nosiness, we all enjoy a good amount of playful joking. I think that makes any workplace much more pleasant.

Last weekend, I had a nice chuckle to myself during one of my bouts of nosiness. I was at a local over-priced lunch buffet (not in Madison, mind you) and I overheard someone talking about calling a youngster by her full name. This person said the response was "What have I done now?" I wanted to tell this gentleman that the way to interpret the youngsters response was not in terms of "What have I done?" because the young person knows good and well what they have done. The likely interpretation of that response is, "What have you just found out about?" I did not approach the gentleman about this because I did not want my eavesdropping to be so evident.

So, if you see me around town, I may be listening, but I do promise to be discreet in any response I may have.

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