North Florida Residents And Visitors Urged To Prepare For Record Cold Weather

Tuesday Night Hard Freeze Watch Announced as Far South as Citrus County

Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) officials are urging residents and visitors in North Florida to practice fire and cold weather safety as a strong cold front passes through the state today. Freezing temperatures are expected in the Panhandle tonight, and will range as far south as Pasco County through Wednesday.

A hard freeze watch is in effect across North Florida on Tuesday night from Escambia to Duval counties, and as far south as Citrus County. No frozen precipitation is forecast, and no travel hazards are anticipated, but record low temperatures are expected early Wednesday, with those in Tallahassee predicted to fall as low as 20 degrees.

“Residents and visitors in the forecasted regions should prepare for overnight temperatures that may harm vegetation, pipes, animals and people,” said FDEM Director Bryan W. Koon. “These cold temperatures could prompt the opening of shelters across the state and the SERT stands ready to assist in any human or agricultural issues.”

Residents and visitors should remember the “Five P’s” of cold weather safety. The “Five P’s” are: Protecting People, Protecting Plants, Protecting Pets, Protecting Exposed Pipes, and Practicing Fire Safety.

The following actions are important safety measures:

  • Stay indoors and use safe heating sources.
  • Be aware of the fire danger from space heaters and candles. Keep such devices away from all flammable materials such as curtains and furniture, and install recommended smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Indoors: Do not use charcoal or other fuel-burning devices, such as grills that produce carbon monoxide. Install at least one carbon monoxide detector per floor in your home.
  • Outdoors: Stay dry and in wind-protected areas.
  • Wear multiple layers of loose-fitting, warm clothing.
  • Drink non-alcoholic fluids.
  • Shelter or bring animals inside, especially pets.

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