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NFCC students gather donations for animal shelter

Three students from NFCC are seeking donations from the community involving a service project that they undertook to help a local business.

LPN students Jazmine Peters, Kristen Fongeallaz and Ashley Evans decided to focus their time and energy into assisting the Suwannee Valley Humane Society (SVHS) and are now seeking donations to help the shelter.

After joining the SVHS as volunteers, the students realized that the shelter was in need of bleach, dog food, dog toys, cat food, cat toys, blankets, towels, old newspapers and any used items that can be sold in the SVHS thrift store.

The shelter not only requires donations but is also in need of more volunteers to dedicate their time to the shelter and its animals.

The students are currently taking up the call to try and help provide these items as well as gathering monetary donations, to help provide for the shelter’s needs.

If anyone has questions regarding the needs of Suwanne Valley Humane Society or if anyone has interest in providing donations they can contact Jazmine Peters at (772) 380-5701.  The students wish to send thank you cards to individuals who donate, but donations may also be left anonymously if desired.

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