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NFCC Honors Outstanding Students at Honors Convocation

North Florida Community College (NFCC) its honored outstanding students and student leaders during the college’s Honors Convocation ceremony in April. Students from various academic areas and student organizations received recognition for outstanding achievement and character during the 2015-2016 academic year. NFCC faculty and staff announced each award recipient as NFCC President John Grosskopf, Dean of Academic Affairs Frances Adleburg, and Dean of Enrollment Services Kay Hogan presented the awards.

“Honors Convocation is one of the most pleasurable nights of the year for us because we get to acknowledge and recognize the very best; extraordinary students who we expect to be the leaders of our community and nation,” said NFCC President John Grosskopf. “These students are exceptional individuals that stand out and have excelled in their academic commitments and in their service to the college, community and in leadership.”

Allison Cone, of Greenville, received NFCC’s prestigious Student of the Year award.

In introducing Cone as the 2016 NFCC Student of the Year, Adleburg shared comments that Cone’s instructors had shared about her outstanding qualities and accomplishments. “This student’s work ethic is outstanding and is key in her continued superior academic performance,” said Adleburg. “She has the exceptional ability to explore, examine and ask questions with a strong drive to understand facts and how these facts interrelate. With persistence and competence, she successfully reaches goals consistently and efficiently. This student’s academic achievements show the ability to not only acquire knowledge, but also to skillfully apply that knowledge to solve problems and master tasks and assignments.”

During her NFCC journey, Cone held membership and served as an officer in several local, state and campus organizations including Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, the 2016 All-Florida Academic Team, the NFCC Student Government Association, CSSTRIDE, and the Young Engineers Club. She also volunteered at the NFCC Science Department, was a student worker in the NFCC chemistry lab, is a registered pharmacy technician at a local retail store and is a community volunteer with 4-H. She completed an Associate in Arts Degree with a 4.0 GPA this term. Cone also received the NFCC 2015-2016 Outstanding Student of the Year Award in Chemistry.

“This proven record of exceptional coursework and campus and community involvement certainly suggests that this student’s next academic adventure will also be successful,” said Adleburg. Cone plans to further her education and complete the Doctor of Pharmacy degree program at the College of Pharmacy at the University of Florida.

“I need to thank my parents for taking the time and caring enough to homeschool me and choosing the best education possible for me,” said Cone. “I would also like to thank my professors. My professors and family have opened doors for me as far as what I can do with my mind and my education and what direction I’m headed toward.”

NFCC’s Honors Convocation ceremony is held annually in April to recognize outstanding students and celebrate student achievement prior to NFCC’s Spring Term commencement ceremony in May.


Melinda Anderson: 2015-2016 Promising Scholar Award

Dominic Buhlmann: 2015-2016 Outstanding Student Award Sentinel Upstage Players

Allison Cone: 2015-2016 Student of the Year Award

Allison Cone: 2015-2016 Outstanding Student Award Chemistry

Heather Cook: 2015-2016 Outstanding Student Award Associates Degree Nursing

Lacey Cruce: 2015-2016 Outstanding Student Award Pharmacy Technician

Brian Crumly: 2015-2016 Outstanding Student Award SOAR (Save Our Animal Resources)

Cheri Green: 2015-2016 Outstanding Student Award Digital Media

Cheri Green: 2015-2016 Outstanding Student Award Design                                

Cheri Green: 2015-2016 Outstanding Student Award Art Club     

Emily Grosskopf: 2015-2016 Outstanding Student Award Gaming & Technology Club

Will Hagan: 2015-2016 Outstanding Student Award Humanities              

Erika Hunter: 2015-2016 Outstanding Student Award Public Speaking

Brianna Kinsey: 2015-2016 Outstanding Student Award Student Government Association

Sara Taylor: 2015-2016 Outstanding Student Award Philosophy

Katie Terry: 2015-2016 Outstanding Student Award Computer Applications

Ricky Varn: 2015-2016 Outstanding Student Award Calculus      

Jesse Whitehead: 2015-2016 Outstanding Student Award Automation and Production Technology

Voncyle Wilson: 2015-2016 Outstanding Student Award Early Childhood Education

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