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NFCC boosts campus safety with emergency call boxes

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North Florida Community College has strategically placed four 911 emergency call boxes across its campus. Positioned at intersections and high traffic areas, the call boxes will allow members of the NFCC community to press a single button and contact 911 emergency services. “These 911 emergency call boxes add one more layer of protection for our students, employees and campus visitors,” said Skip James, Director of Campus Safety and Security at NFCC. “They provide those on campus with a method to quickly and easily call for direct help should they need it.” The call boxes are located near the NFCC Library, the NFCC Career and Technical Education Center, the Colin P. Kelly Fitness Center and the NFCC Student Center. All the boxes are connected to the Madison County 911 dispatch center. Once activated, the call boxes dial 911 directly and local law enforcement know the caller’s exact location and where to go. As an added call to attention, blue lights are activated at the top of the call box when the emergency button is pressed.    “The Madison County Sheriff's Office applauds the new addition of the 911 emergency call boxes on the NFCC campus,” said Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart. “I would rather see a crime prevented before it happens any day. I believe the 911 call boxes will do just that. The best part is the fact that with the 911 call box, the person needing help only has to activate the system with one touch. Even if they cannot talk, the system will do the rest and help will be on the way. I am glad to see the additions to the campus.” According to James, NFCC is constantly evaluating its safety measures across campus and the 911 emergency call boxes are just one of many ways that NFCC helps keep its students and campus community safe. Information about the new emergency call boxes is currently being shared throughout campus. All the laws, rules and consequences that apply to improperly calling 911 apply to the campus call boxes. They should only be used for true emergencies when the caller needs to save a life, stop a crime, report a fire or has a true emergency that requires a prompt response.   “This is a great idea,” said Interim Chief of Police Willie McGhee of the Madison Police Department. “The students should feel safer knowing these call boxes are in place and I am sure the parents will feel better knowing their children are safe on the NFCC campus.” For more information on NFCC Campus Security, contact Skip James at (850) 973-9477 or

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