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New Home Baptist Church to hold wild game supper

Nancy Taylor: Greene Publishing, Inc.

New Home Baptist Church, located at 1100 SW Moseley Hall Rd. in Madison will be having a Wild Game Supper Saturday, March 11.  The meal will be served starting at 5:30 p.m.  All types of wild game will be prepared for your dining pleasure. They will have a guest speaker, Van McCall from God In the Hunt Ministries – a youth mentoring ministry.

Van McCall is also an ordained minister who has been serving the Lord since 1983. McCall is from Denton, Ga., and he has been called “Denton, Georgia’s Jeff Foxworthy”. His teaching is Bible-based, building character and wisdom with a touch of humor.

God in the Hunt Ministries has a goal of spanning the generation gap, bringing older and younger individuals together through the platform of the promotion of fishing, hunting and other outdoor skills. The ministry uses these skills as a basis for teaching ten biblical character principles – knowledge, attitude, truth, work ethic, respect, humility, kindness, purity, integrity and patience.

Everyone is welcome, and camouflage attire is encouraged. For more information, contact the church at (850) 973-4965.

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