National Security: Stray Vectors

Editor’s Note: “Stray vectors” is the author’s byline for passing thoughts on the random scene.
Did you see that Toyota will not be building an electric car?  They don’t believe there is a viable economic market for such a vehicle.  Pretty smart folks who have an unprecedented record of success.  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?   Apparently, they’re concentrating R&D toward fuel cell technology.
Research has indicated that people who constantly text message experience more stress in relationships.  Are you surprised?  I’m not.  There’s nothing quite like looking someone in the eye and having an honest conversation.
A key reason why Gator basketball is so good this year is leadership – they have four seniors in the starting lineup.  Kentucky probably has more talent in their starting five, but they’re all freshmen.
Speaking of texting, the most common abbreviation is OMG … and you know what that stands for.  A lot of us are concerned about young people falling away from church, but there is some comfort in knowing that God’s name is invoked when they are surprised or elated.  Call it a shred of hope.
This transgender business is going way too far — unisex bathrooms and cross gender sports.  Gimme a break.  This is social engineering run amuck.  That’s the problem when you try to undo God’s plan.
It seems like every time a story appears that we’re running out of oil and gas, a new discovery is announced that is larger than any other.  I’m not saying that the supply is limitless, but any information on petroleum supplies that is more than a year old is out of date.
Do you want to know why employers bail out and take their businesses elsewhere?  Here’s a new wrinkle.  Illinois has a new rule just approved by the governor that prohibits employers from asking prospective employees about any felonies they might have committed.  Are you kidding me?
In the wake of the disastrous rollout of Obamacare, many are calling for “the head” of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius.  While I’m not a fan of Sibelius, I have a different take on the matter — I’m not sure anyone could have done any better.  I believe the law is so fundamentally flawed and so pervasive that it is beyond human capacity to properly or smoothly implement.  Give the lady a break.
Many are concerned that the popularity of salsa over ketchup/catsup is another sign that illegal immigration is out of control.  That may be … but I love salsa, especially the fresh variety.  Yum.
Remember Obama’s 2008 campaign promise, “under my plan, if you like your health insurance, you can keep it.”  Do you see how many people have lost their health coverage in the last six months?  Not only did the man fail to deliver his promise, he lied.  Wait a minute, Joe, politicians don’t lie; they misspoke.
Speaking of Obamacare, where is the Republican plan to fix this mess?  Is “repeal” the best they’ve got?   I don’t think this monster can be slain, but we’ve got to find some way to fix it.  The chaos in the health insurance market is growing by the day.
It seems that many of the states are turning against electric cars.  Apparently, the reduction in gasoline taxes for road needs is too much to bear.  Ah … unintended consequences.
An icebreaker, carrying eco-tourists and scientists to Antarctica to study the effects of global warming on the icepack, got stuck in ice and required a difficult multi-national rescue.  Folks, you just can’t make up stories like this.
The US Chamber of Commerce is strongly supporting immigration reform.  Is there a conservative approach to immigration reform?  Good question.
Urban communities are facing an exploding deer population, the so-called Bambi effect.  Many are trying to control this with sterilization.  Not a good idea, especially from the vantage point of expense.  Bullets and arrows will do the job more effectively at far less expense.
I see that 87 year-old Congressman John Dingell of Michigan has announced his retirement at the end of this year.  At 58 years and 29 terms, he’s the longest serving congressman in our nation’s history.  Term limits anyone?
The California Central Valley is undergoing a massive drought that will severely affect food supply.  Is it because of a lack of rainfall or the fact that water is being diverted away from agriculture to preserve an endangered species – the delta smelt?  What’s more important, a bait fish or farmers and food supply?

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