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National Security: Stray Vectors

Editor’s Note: “Stray vectors” is the author’s byline for random thoughts and rhetorical questions on the current scene. A recent study suggests that 50 percent of today’s occupations won’t exist in a decade. Be ready for change. Keep your mind agile. Embrace change or get run over. It is sad to see child stars become a mess when they come of age. Lindsey Lohan is a classic example. I thought that Amanda Bynes would beat the curse, but I’m afraid not. Too much, too soon I suppose. On the subject of texting, the most common abbreviation is OMG … and you know what that stands for. A lot of us are concerned about young people falling away from church, but there is some comfort in knowing that God’s name is invoked when they are surprised or elated. Call it a shred of hope. Colorado Democrats are intent on enacting a plan to supply marijuana to the indigent, so-called ‘weed for welfare.’ I’m not a fan of weed, free or otherwise. This is going from the sublime to the ridiculous. England’s important newspaper, The Telegraph, is saying that the data behind global temperature rise has been manipulated. Now who would have an interest in falsifying data? New research from Harvard suggests that small community banks have been hardest hit by post-recession reforms brought about by Dodd-Frank. Did “too big to fail” really become “too small to succeed?” Congressman Alcee Hastings from South Florida says that Texas is “a crazy state.” That’s a mean thing to say in the halls of Congress. I have a suggestion for Alcee: don’t mess with Texas. Apparently, there has been a big kill of Monarch butterflies. Pesticides are being blamed. I’ll keep a sharp eye out for the critters this spring and summer. I love those colorful creatures. The snowfall in Boston this winter is higher than at any time in recorded history. Bet they could use some of that global warming right now. Darn; there I go again: its climate change, not global warming. I can never keep that terminology straight in my mind. My bad. In the category of, “Don’t listen to what I say; watch what I do” comes this: Gallup says that Barack Obama is on pace to be the most polarizing president in our nation’s history. This from the same man who galvanized America with his famous speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004: “There is not a Black America and White America and Latino America and Asia America; there is a United States of America.” It seems the unrequited dream was merely feel-good rhetoric. The federal budget for the last fiscal year grew by 8.3 percent. Don’t you wish you could get that kind of interest on your fixed investments? I’m telling you, they’re taking too much of the money we earn. We just celebrated Mardis Gras last month where drunkenness and revelry is the order of the day. Instead of doing that, Episcopalians gather to eat pancakes in honor of Shrove Tuesday. I’m a little prejudiced, but the latter practice seems much more civilized and consistent with preparation for Lent. Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has resigned shortly after beginning his fourth term. It seems that his (20 year younger) girlfriend was a lobbyist for the “green industry” and used her position of influence to funnel government contracts to her friends. I’m not saying that sex and money is the root of all evil, but it’s a good start. Pay attention to this lesson ex-governor: “It’s a wise man that knows his limitations.” The Obama Administration is paying 14 times more of your federal tax dollars on green energy than on embassy security. I thought that Republicans were responsible for lax security in Benghazi by denying State Department requests. I guess that pursuing clean energy is more important than protecting our diplomats. In the last Congress, there was something like 700 bills which contained the phrase “such sums as necessary” for their funding mechanism. This is like saying, ‘we don’t know how much it will cost and someone will figure out how to pay for it later.’ This is absolutely irresponsible. Biggest offender: Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. The Social Security Administration is paying 6.5 million beneficiaries who are at least 112 years old! Say what? Apparently there a lot of people collecting Social Security checks for folks who are dead. You see, if you don’t notify SSA that a family member has died, the computer keeps printing and mailing checks. No wonder the darn thing is going broke.

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