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Murray Comer, faithful member of Grace Presbyterian for over 50 years

Murray Comer has been a member of Grace Presbyterian Church for over 50 years. Originally from Berrien County, Ga., Comer and his wife, Jane, moved to Madison in 1962. Comer was a pharmacist and had the opportunity to purchase a drug store here in Madison. In 1964, he bought out Robert's Drug Store, which became Comer's Drug Store within a few years. In 1985, Comer sold the drug store and in 1993 it was renamed Norris Pharmacy.

After that, Comer worked part-time as a relief pharmacist with independent pharmacies for 15 years. He retired in 2000.

Comer recalls that he was not very involved in the church when he was young, and even though he did attend church with his friends, he never really felt the power of the Lord until after his wife introduced him to her religion.

“My wife was born into [the Presbyterian church] and I migrated into it,” said Comer. “We went to a Presbyterian church in Valdosta and searched for a Presbyterian church here in Madison.” Comer and his wife began attending Grace Presbyterian the same year they moved to Madison and have stayed loyal members of the church ever since. Though Jane passed away two years ago, she was very involved with the church.

Comer has stayed with Grace Presbyterian Church for so long because he enjoys the loving and sincere people and “good, strong fellowship.” He has been an officer within the church since 1965 and became a deacon soon after. He maintained his position as deacon for 50 years and became an Elder of the church in 1993. Today, Comer serves as clerk of session of the church, and he keeps records and takes down minutes during meetings.

While there has been some concern of the declination of church and religion throughout society, Comer does not believe Grace Presbyterian has that issue. “We are a small church, but strong in faith,” said Comer. He adds that Pastor Gary Cox has helped the church feel like it isn't in a declining state by introducing new ideas and bringing a new energy to the church itself.

When he isn't attending church, Comer enjoys hunting and fishing. He also owns a tree farm in Cherry Lake that he has had since 1978 and grows long leaf yellow pines.

He and his wife, Jane, had two children: David Comer, who currently lives in Tallahassee with his family, and Suzanne Comer-Bell, who currently lives in Brevard, NC with her family.

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