Mrs. Leslie’s Cakes: Old-Fashioned Flavor For Today’s Special Occasions

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By Rose Klein
Greene Publishing, Inc.
If you’ve lived in Madison County for any length of time, you will have already heard about, seen, or eaten a Mrs. Leslie’s cake. The cakes are tall, due to their 10 layers, and covered in old-fashioned icings, that will have you reminiscing about your Grandmother’s kitchen. The business was started by Audrey Leslie, a retired teacher, who began baking cakes from her home and selling them locally to people in the community. granddaughter Lynn Leslie-Hanners joined her Grandmother after her first son was born, around 1998, when she wanted an income that would allow her to stay home with her children. Hanners said her grandmother’s cakes had grown into “a fair little business,” but with the help of family, Hanners’ cousin Amy Ratliff and sister-in-law, Kara Leslie, the little cake business has grown into sweet success for Mrs. Leslie’s. Shortly after Hanners joined the business, her grandmother stopped baking, but stayed busy by selling the cakes and talking with customers, which was something Hanners said she loved to do. The business was moved out of Mrs. Leslie’s home and into a shop built behind Hanners’ home, which she had licensed, enabling more cakes to be baked and sold. Mrs. Leslie’s cakes can now be found in eight different locations throughout Madison, Lake City, Perry, Valdosta, Lee and Pinetta. When selecting a Mrs. Leslie’s cake, you can choose from chocolate (their top seller), caramel, pineapple-cream cheese, lemon-cheese, red velvet (Hanners’ favorite), coconut and mayhaw jelly (when in season). The cakes come on a board and wrapped in cellophane, ready to slice and eat. Hanners said they do not decorate any of their cakes because they stay so busy just making them that there would be no time to decorate, but it works out because this way their focus can remain on the cake’s flavor. That said, the cakes would make great birthday cakes with the addition of candles or a groom’s cake, topped with fruit or fresh, non-toxic flowers. With the current trend of confection and dessert bars at parties and wedding receptions, several flavors of cake would be welcome on a table nestled with other desserts. If you would like to order one of Mrs. Leslie’s cakes, you can call the shop at (850) 929-7568. To find out more about Mrs. Leslie’s cakes and business, visit their webpage at or visit their Facebook page. After trying a slice, or two, of cake that Hanners said they’ve not changed since her grandmother made them, you will agree these delicious cakes are “Just like Grandma made them.”

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