Movie Crew Returns To Madison To Film More Scenes

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The crew who came to Madison back in April of last year came back this past weekend to film a few more scenes to the movie “Hidden Agenda.”  The movie is being produced by Pain Productions.  The initial press release about the film is listed below.  A few local folks and some of the officers were able to be “Extras” in the movie.  The crew was headed back to Orlando to do some more filming on Monday.  An exact release date is unknown; maybe in the next few months.  Hans Hernke made the trip all the way from Los Angeles to complete the filming.  The rest of the crew came up from Orlando.
After the shooting, the crew presented the Madison Police Department with an autographed copy of the movie poster.
Hans Hernke is heading to the Orlando area to film the detective thriller “Hidden Agenda” directed, written, and produced by Aaron Warren. Hans takes on the lead role as lege-
ndary Miami Detective Matthews, who is on a chase with some twists and turns to find a helpless kidnapped victim. His world begins to unravel and crumble around him in this crime/thriller story that tests the very limits of the human psyche.
    Production is scheduled to begin April 3, 2013 at various locations in Orlando  and other parts of Florida until the end of April. Some of the key locations in…

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