Mosquito Control Department Spraying For Mosquitoes

By Jessie R. Box
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The Mosquito Control Department has been spraying Madison County since the beginning of April.
According to Jamie Willoughby, Mosquito Control Director, when spraying there are five areas that are focused on: City of Madison, Town of Lee, City of Greenville, Town of Pinetta and the community of Cherry Lake.
The first step of verifying if an area has a mosquito problem is to put out a CDC Light Trap that has a net on the bottom to catch the mosquitoes. The trap is placed in an area that is suspected of being populated by mosquitoes from dusk until dawn. Come morning, if there are 25 or more mosquitoes in the net then the area is justified for treatment.
On Monday, the Mosquito Control Department sprays the City of Madison. Cherry Lake and Pinetta are sprayed on Tuesday and Greenville and Lee are sprayed on Wednesday. Depending on the effectiveness of the spray, Greenville and Pinetta may be sprayed again on Thursday. Willoughby expects to continue spraying until September.
According to Willoughby, they spray 20 to 30 miles a night within the zone they are working in and they will spray all major roads that are within the zone unless the road is washed out because they must maintain a certain speed to spray.
The Mosquito Control Department is funded through a state matching grant. Madison County put in $18,000 and the state matched it, so that gives them a budget of $36,000.
To keep the mosquito population down at your house, dump any water that is in your yard, keep the lawn cut and limit overgrown vegetation.
If anyone is in an area that needs mosquito control help, call Jamie Willoughby at (850) 973- 6495.
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Jessie Box

Written by Jessie Box