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Morning wreck injures one

According to FHP, on Wednesday morning, Nov. 25, Cortez Brandies, 56 of Madison, was driving behind Dustin Irvine, 30, also from Madison, from Rocky Ford Road to Livingstone Street. Brandies, as well as two witnesses, reported that Irvine’s driving was erratic, and Brandies says that he was carefully watching Irvine’s driving. Nonetheless, when Irvine stopped in the road for seemingly no apparent reason, Brandies did not see Irvine’s brake lights come on as he stopped his vehicle, and Brandies’ Ford pick-up ran into the rear end of Irvine’s vehicle. When his truck was struck in the rear, Irvine accelerated and jumped the curb on the right side of the road. His vehicle became momentarily airborne as it hit the embankment, and came down, striking a tree. The impact from Irvine’s accelerated and airborne truck brought the small tree down as well as severely damaging the front end of his vehicle. On impact with the tree, Irvine hit the back of his head on his rear window, busting out the glass in that section. According to Dustin Irvine, he couldn’t remember what had happened, where it had happened or how the events had transpired. Irvine was transported to Madison County Hospital by the EMS on scene. Drug/Alcohol test results are pending. Brandies suffered no serious injuries during the collision.

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