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MFR to flush hydrants

Madison Fire Rescue will begin flushing fire hydrants on Monday, Feb. 5. This process normally takes up to two weeks but occasionally takes longer to complete depending on department call volume.

The department does not flush hydrants during the weekends or after 5 p.m. Hydrant flushing signs will be posted in the areas where flushing is occurring.

Fire Chief Bruce Jordan says the department flushes hydrants for many reasons:

Flushing out the rust and debris that accumulates in the cities water system during the year that could cause potential problems;

Flushing ensures that the hydrant is working properly and lets MFR know if there are problems in its operation; such as leaking, not opening or closing, etc.;

Flushing hydrants are required by the Insurance Services Organization (ISO) to maintain the fire department ISO rating.

During this time, residents will need to let their water run if they start seeing rusty or dark-colored water and be cautious when washing clothes especially lighter colored clothes or whites. If the water does not clear up within 15 to 30 minutes, the resident should call Madison City Hall at (850) 973-5081.

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