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MFBA offers help with disaster relief

Nancy Taylor: Greene Publishing, Inc.

The Middle Florida Baptist Association Disaster Relief Team will be offering assistance in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

The Association’s clean-up and recovery unit will be staged inside a warehouse owned by J.D. James in Monticello. Equipment available will include a tow vehicle and heavy equipment, if needed, for the removal of large debris.

The team is looking for volunteers to help with the clean-up effort and recovery. If interested in volunteering, contact the Central Baptist Church’s office at (850) 997-2018. The recovery effort needs assistance with everything from manual labor to taking the calls for help.

Central Baptist Church will serve as the staging area for the Middle Florida Baptist Association’s clean-up and recovery efforts. It is located at 625 Tindell Rd., in Monticello.

If you are in need of assistance with debris removal/repair work, please follow these guidelines when calling the above number:

1. Give the name of the owner of the property. The owner will need to sign a permission form to work on their property. Please don’t ask for an exception to this requirement.

2. Provide the address and directions to the property, GPS cell phone service may be affected.

3. Give phone number(s) (land-line and cell phone), along with any numbers that could help in contacting you.

4. Describe your need (tree on the house, roof damage causing water to leak inside the house, etc.)

5. Presence of water damage from the storm, and subsequent need for help with personal belongings.

6. Need for food or water.

The Middle Florida Baptist Association wants to be of any assistance possible, and it is the prayer of all members that the recovery efforts go as smoothly and quickly as possible for all those affected.

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