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Memories of Rod Irvine

“He just always encouraged me and built us up, always a kind word or smile. He believed in kids and believed they all had some good in them that we could get out of them. With so much negativity in our county, he always made you feel like everything was gonna be okay and work out. He'd always greet me with, "there’s my coach of the year, ladies and gentlemen," so you had no choice but to be in a good mood and have a great conversation with him. He was a great PA announcer, but I'll miss the little talks and encouragement even more. He did what the Bible tells us to do; he lifted others up and tried to help them have a better day and know they were loved and cared for.”

- MCHS Head Football Coach Mike Coe

“He had a heart for all these kids and loved each one of them. They also loved him. [We] worked across the hall from each other and between classes almost every student that passed by would say "hey pop", Hey Unc", or "Hey Grandad" because he treated them like they were his kids and they loved him like he was their family. He never missed an opportunity to pour into the youth of this community.”

    - MCHS Head Baseball Coach Jason Fletcher

“Mr. Irvine played such a big role in my life throughout high school and even when I left for college. He was the best mentor I could have ever asked for. He knew how to tell if I was going through something and he would pull me to the side and talk to me to reassure me that everything would get better. Mr. Irvine was definitely one of my biggest supporters. He was always the quickest to congratulate me on everything whether it be a simple test, getting a scholarship and even getting accepted into Georgia Southern. I remember the day of the senior parade some of us went to his room after we had got back and he was on the verge of tears because of the amount of joy he had in his heart. He was the kindest man ever. I will forever remember his life lessons, even if they weren't for you but you were there to listen, you could take something away from it.”

- Former MCHS student Esther Hernandez

“Mr. Irvine was a trusted ministry partner. He was always willing to serve wherever he could at MCHS. He spoke to our [Fellowship of Christian Athletes] (FCA) huddle in December and at our spring Easter service on the baseball field. I came to school early one morning and saw a large group of students praying. I walked over and Mr. Irvine was standing in the middle smiling from ear to ear! You can't kid a kid! They knew he was a trusted ministry partner! Dear God give us more like him!”

-FCA Area Director, Steve McHargue

“So much can be said about this gentlemen - he was kind and compassionate, he loved the Lord, his family, students, his church, his friends and the Cowboys. He will always be remembered as the voice of the Cowboys! I'll forever remember him announcing for the football team... "and Here Come the Cowboys!", "Talk to your Defense!", "Touchdown Cowboys!', "Miller Time!"

-Take Stock in Children Executive Director, Gina Rutherford

“He leaves a legacy of healthy marriage, supporting others and spending quality time with our youth in my mind, therefore he will live on.”

-Boyz to Kings Director, Merv Mattair

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