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Meet your neighbor: Willie Moore

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Taking off the trash or recycling is a pleasant experience at the Madison County Waste and Recycling site on Harvey Greene Dr., where Willie Moore is a site attendant. While Moore loves most things about Madison, there is nothing he loves more than his childhood sweetheart and wife of 42 years, Mayola Moore. Though the couple began dating in the ninth grade, Moore has not taken the relationship for granted. "I fall in love with her more every day," said Moore.

Moore credits his wife's persistence in eventually leading him to Christ. "For two or three years, she would leave scripture notes on my chest while I was sleeping," said Moore. "I would read them every morning and tell her to leave me alone. But, one day, I woke up and knew I had to change." Moore's new faith took hold pretty rapidly as he proceeded to walk over to his pastor's house, which was just down the road from him. Moore is normally afraid of dogs, but this particular morning, Moore marched right into Rev. DeLaughter's yard, which was well guarded by a pair of Doberman pinschers, and announced his need to know Jesus. Shortly thereafter, Moore walked up and down the street to tell others of his new faith.

Moore wishes his mother had been alive to witness his conversion. "She would have been thrilled," said Moore, who credits his mother with instilling three basic values that he still follows today. "She taught me to never go anywhere without having bus fare money to get home with, in case I break down," said Moore. "She also said to never hang with the crowd and always be presentable.

"Moore enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1968, where he became a Specialist 4th Class in communications.

After leaving the military in 1971, Moore attended Edward Waters College, in Jacksonville, Fla., where he received a Bachelors of Science degree in social science. Moore has worked with the International Paper Company and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) before being employed with North Florida Community College, where he retired from the maintenance department after 17 years of service.

In his spare time, Moore enjoys watching old mystery shows on TV, especially Matlock and Murder She Wrote. Moore continues to serve as an usher for St. James Missionary Baptist Church, in Madison, where he has attended since 1973. Moore and his wife have two children: Darren Moore and Byron Moore.

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