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Meet your neighbor: John and Pat Haynes

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Madison and Hamilton Counties have a variety of residents. Some have roots here that go back many generations, while others have recently discovered this gem we call home.

Still others find the area to be a perfect temporary refuge from colder temperatures found in their home states. That's what brought Crossville, Tenn. residents, John and Pat Haynes, to Madison three years ago. The couple have two horses that prefer our warmer climate and they were fortunate enough to find McCulley Farms on the internet. "We got tired of the cold weather and needed a place for our horses," said Pat Haynes. The Jasper campgrounds have ample space for the horses to make themselves at home.

The campground and the surrounding environment (especially Madison) have brought the Haynes back every year from December to March. "Richard and Carol McCulley are wonderful people and finding Crosspointe Church, in Madison, makes us feel at home," said Haynes.

Besides all the friendly people they have met during their time here, the Haynes especially enjoy Friday night dining at O'Neal's Country Buffet and Sunday lunches at Divine Events. The Haynes also enjoy teaching line dancing to their fellow campers. "But, we have to do that on Saturday, because we are too full from O'Neal's on Friday," said John Haynes.

Before retiring, John Haynes spent 21 years as a police officer in Bowie, Md. and he left at the rank of Corporal, before moving to Tennessee, where he spent four years with the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department as an investigator, specializing in child abuse and sex crime cases. Pat Haynes spent much of her career as a Veternarian's Assistant. The couple have two children: Michelle and Jeff.

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