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Meet our staff: Sheree Miller

It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and a tremendous amount of teamwork to put together just one newspaper. Our staff members possess many talents and, together, we seek to create a unique, enlightening and entertaining piece of Madisonian culture for you, our readers. From writing, research, advertising, layout, bookkeeping and distribution, we do it all. Without the bond and teamwork between our diversely talented staff, the Madison County Carrier and the Madison Enterprise-Recorder might not have appeared in your mailbox or on your newsstand today.

Savannah Reams: Greene Publishing, Inc.

Sheree Miller has been an asset to Greene Publishing, Inc. for 26 years. During her tenure here, she has served as our lead newspaper carrier, ensuring the Madison County Carrier and the Madison Enterprise-Recorder arrive to our readers in a timely manner every week.

Newspaper carriers are tasked with delivering newspapers to both stores and individual customers. They're responsible for traveling to the printing company, picking up and loading the day's deliveries into a vehicle and ensuring that newspapers arrive at their destination on time. This position requires organization, the ability to plan and map efficient routes and a willingness to start work very early in the day or work late at night so that shops have newspapers to sell when they open. Newspaper carriers are also responsible for collecting payment, picking up unsold stock and maintaining detailed delivery and pickup records throughout their shifts. Miller has no problem handling these duties—she is thorough, efficient and a valued member of our Greene Publishing, Inc. team.

Miller hails from Johnstown, N.Y., near the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. She has always had an interest in journalism and worked as a carrier for a daily newspaper in New York. She married Kevin Miller in 1978 and, together, they have three boys, ages 35, 38 and 40.

Due to rising taxes and the closing of many plants in the New York area, the Millers decided to move to Madison, Fla. to be near family in 1990. Miller joined the staff at Greene Publishing, Inc. in 1993. Today, Miller enjoys gardening; visiting the casinos of Biloxi, Miss.; and spending time with her nine grandchildren.

If you know Miller, you know that her no-nonsense personality is infectious. She is a hard worker and isn't afraid of any challenge—she will simply say, "Been there, done that," and face it with the fearlessness of a warrior.

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