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Meet Madison’s latest DAR member

Mrs. Nancy Moral, of Lee, has just been accepted as a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). The DAR is a volunteer Service Organization that was founded in 1890. Moral’s Revolutionary War lineage is traced back to Nathan Boughton, of the Massachusetts Militia. The installation ceremonies will be held this February, at the Lake City Edward Rutledge Chapter of the DAR.

Moral has been in public service most of her life, as a teacher, and a civic and educational organization volunteer.

She is currently reading Patriots (Surviving the Coming Economic Collapse), by James Wesely Rawles. What is troubling is: are today’s conditions similar to the struggles of these American Revolutionary War heroes?

Moral wanted to honor the sacrifice of our ancestors in their steadfast belief that,  our generation was worth their time and effort.

Their struggle for freedom

Again our ancestors waded ankle deep through blood in the massacre on Groton Heights. Again the swift riders followed the bold Marion through the night to fall like lightning upon an invading force. Again heroic patriots fought under the burning sun of Monmouth, and paced with bleeding feet the snows of Valley Forge.

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