MCSO Arrests Man From New Jersey on First Degree Murder Warrant

Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 11.35.39 AMSubmitted by Madison County Sheriff’s Office
Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that on Tuesday night  of June 24 at approximately 11 p.m., deputies of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office received information that a fugitive considered Armed and Dangerous, who was wanted for killing his girlfriend by strangling her with an electrical cord on Tuesday, June 24, in Essex County, New Jersey was attempting to flee the country to Mexico.  It was believed that the fugitive was riding on a Grey Hound bus and would pass through Madison County sometime during the night.
Deputies contacted the New Jersey State Police and through further investigation obtained the name of the fugitive, Edward Rosario, and a photograph as well as a copy of the arrest warrant for murder. Deputies also communicated with Grey Hound and discovered a possible bus number the fugitive may be traveling on and that the bus was due to arrive in Tallahassee at midnight.
Deputies responded to Interstate 10 and began looking for the bus. At 11:43 p.m., deputies located the Grey Hound bus traveling westbound on I-10 at the 244-mile marker. Deputies conducted a felony traffic stop and entered the bus.
Despite the fugitive having dyed his hair and wearing false non-prescription eyeglasses in an attempt to alter his normal appearance, he was located on the bus. Deputies confirmed the fugitive’s identity and immediately placed him under arrest without further incident. The fugitive was transported to the Madison County Jail to await extradition back to Essex County, New Jersey to face charges of first degree murder.
Rosario was arrested on warrants for first degree murder and use of a weapon in the third degree.
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