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MCHS warns newest scam

Last week, in the Wednesday, May 25 edition of the Madison County Carrier, readers were warned against purchasing ad space in a Madison County High School (MCHS) t-shirt scam that had been run by a company that was calling itself “Spirit Shop.”

The shop was allegedly contacting local businesses, and asking them to buy an ad space on a Cowboys t-shirt that would be distributed at the high school for a fundraiser.

Despite the business’ claims, Principal Ben Killingsworth reported that MCHS had no affiliation with the company and were not aware of any t-shirt fundraisers being held at that time.

It’s the time of the year where school-related fundraiser scams are plentiful and yet another has popped up in regards to MCHS.

This time, it’s a football schedule program with the scam running advertisements to local businesses to buy ad space in the program.

The scam is being run by “New Start Marking, LLC.” and would charge unknowing victims ad prices that range from $349.50 (the lowest) to $899.50 (the highest) for a schedule program that, Killingsworth insists, has no affiliation with the school.

Don’t fall prey to this new scam or any other scam that claims to be in partnership with schools around Madison County.

If any local business receives emails or calls regarding the sale of ad space on programs, footballs, t-shirts or any other product, steps should be taken to verify that the sale is actually going to profit the local school.

Call the school that the scam is masquerading for and verify with a representative of the school that there is indeed a sale going on before purchasing anything from a company that could likely be untrustworthy.

If you or someone you know believes that they have been a victim of this scam, contact the Madison County Sheriff's Office at (850) 973-4151.

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