MCCS Teachers Of The Week

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By Rose Klein
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Melissa Haynes is a fifth grade science teacher at Madison County Central School and says the most satisfying thing about her job as a teacher is being with the kids. The part of teaching she looks forward to the most is doing science labs with her students. Ms. Haynes became a teacher because she wanted to teach like her mother, and in teaching the students in her own classroom, her vision is to see all of them succeed. When asked who she looks up to as a teacher, she said “Mrs. Cobb (another teacher at the Central School) because she is always upbeat and works hard with her students.”
Ms. Haynes interests outside of the classroom include reading, playing the piano and camping. The last book she read was Escape From The Deep, describing the last voyage and inhabitants of a WWII submarine, the USS Tang.
Daphne Brooks is a math teacher and ESE Support Facilitator for grades six through eighth at the Madison County Central School. She comes from a family of teachers and she says, “They instilled in me the importance of an education and how as a teacher we can inspire others to do great things in life.” She does say it’s ironic that she became a math teacher because when she was in school, her favorite subjects were reading and literature. Ms. Brooks is in her 11th year of teaching and all of those years have been at MCCS.
Ms. Brooks describes herself as an avid reader and also enjoys watching movies. Her self-described strengths are “My faith in God, my willingness to help others and having an open mind.” She says the people she looks up to most are her parents because they made her into the person she is today.

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