MCCS Bronco Banking Program Holds Grand Opening

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By Rose Klein Greene Publishing, Inc. The Madison County Central School (MCCS) and Madison County Community Bank (MCCB) have partnered together to create a banking program at the school in order to create greater financial literacy for MCCS students. Dr. Willie Miles, principal of MCCS, wanted to find a way to increase student’s knowledge of earning, saving, budgeting and spending money, and approached the Community Bank to assist him with his goal. The result became an onsite room set up at the school where students can go to deposit money into their own personal savings account, and the process is as true to life as it gets. When you walk into the room, it is designed so you feel you are walking into any bank in town. At the grand opening, on Jan. 22 of this year, MCCB employee, Janet Maier, was present to help students fill out a savings account signature card, which enabled them to open an account. They then went to a station, ran by students, where they were given a savings account register to record their transactions, as well as deposit slips. Their last stop, also with students, would be with a teller, who received money and gave out receipts for student’s records, along with keeping a log of student’s name, grade and deposit amount, for the MCCS bookkeeper, who will have full control of student’s accounts. When designing the program, MCCB designed job descriptions for the students and created forms for the program’s record keeping. Students could apply and be interviewed for jobs of teller, head teller, customer service and president. An MCCS committee interviewed a total of 60 students for the 22 positions available. The Broncos Banking Program will be open once a month for students to make a deposit into their savings account. Deposit time is set from 8-9 a.m. and for students, there is no minimum deposit. Money can be withdrawn from accounts in May, December or by special request. On the day of the Grand Opening, 150 students opened a Bronco Banking program account.

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