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Man charged with elder abuse

John Willoughby:

Greene Publishing, Inc.

A 70-year-old Madison man has been arrested after Madison County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) deputies discovered a malnourished subject during a welfare check.

Undersheriff Epp Richardson with the MCSO reports that on Friday, May 24, MCSO deputies responded to a residence on NE Post Rd., in Madison, to conduct a welfare check. Upon arrival, deputies made contact with Michael Edenfield, 70, and explained their reasons and the need to perform a welfare check on a possible co-habitant.

Upon being invited into the home, MCSO deputies immediately detected very strong fecal and foul odors. Located in a back room, lying nude on a couch, was the subject for the welfare check. The subject was soiled with his own feces and insects were about his body. He appeared to be suffering from malnutrition. In serious condition, the subject was then transported to a hospital for medical treatment by the Madison County Fire Rescue.

Edenfield disclosed to MCSO deputies that he was the caretaker of the subject, who had been discharged from a hospital due to financial issues approximately 10 months ago. Edenfield also stated that the subject had been on the couch since then. Edenfield further disclosed that he had very poor vision and did not notice the subject’s condition.

Edenfield was taken into custody and charged with aggravated elder abuse. He was later released on cash or surety bond of $1,000 on Sunday, May 26.

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