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Man arrested with four pounds of marijuana

On Monday, March 28, at 12:48 p.m., Drug Task Force investigator Sgt. Bobby Boatwright made contact with a male riding a bicycle on Bunker Street in Madison.

The male was identified as Daniel Christopher Powell, of Madison, and was wearing a backpack that appeared to contain a large bulge. After a short conversation with Powell, Sgt. Boatwright began to suspect that Powell was currently involved in criminal activity. Sgt. Boatwright asked Powell what the backpack contained and Powell stated that he believed it contained “stolen property.”

Powell attempted to explain that he was only delivering the backpack for someone else. Sgt. Boatwright opened the backpack and discovered two large bricks of marijuana. Each brick was heavily wrapped in cellophane and scented dryer sheets. Sgt. Boatwright arrested Powell without incident. The marijuana had a total weight of four pounds.


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