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Man arrested on grand theft charges

Ashley Hunter

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On Tuesday, April 19, at approximately 10:54 p.m., a Madison resident placed a call regarding a burglary incident, and Sgt. Tony Mashburn from the Madison Police Department was dispatched to the home of the victim to investigate. Upon Mashburn's arrival, the victim informed him that the previous evening of April 18, Myronn Roberts, 38, of Madison, was standing at the front door of her home and had been knocking and demanding that he be allowed in.

The victim claimed that she let him enter, although she was fearful that Roberts may become violent.  The victim further stated that she eventually left in her vehicle, along with Roberts, and drove to McDonald's, where they parted ways.  However, the victim did not stay the night in her own home, instead deciding to stay at her mother's home.  All through the night, the victim claimed that she had received harassing texts from Roberts, as he attempted to force her to return to her own home.  Despite Roberts attempts, the victim decided to stay at her mother's home, as Roberts was 'acting as if he was on drugs,' and she did not feel safe while around him.

The next morning, the victim returned to her home to discover that it had been littered with beer cans, liquor stains were visible on both living room couches, alcohol and Nyquil had been spilled on her bedroom set and her two flat screen televisions were now cracked and damaged.  Sgt. Mashburn was also informed that there was $500 missing from the victim's purse that she had left in her residence.

After relaying the events that led to the break-in, Sgt. Mashburn and the victim completed a thorough inspection of the house and discovered the point of entry to be a side door of the home.  The door showed considerable damage to the frame, which was an indicator of someone attempting forced entry through prying it open. The victim also claimed that the spare key to her home was missing from its hidden location and that she believed Roberts had taken it.  A lawn mower blade was also found in the living room and the victim suspected it to have been the tool used during Roberts' forced entry, as she distinctly remembered the blade being on the front porch the following afternoon when she had let Roberts inside her home.

The victim decided to pursue criminal charges and requested that something be done, as she no longer felt safe.  The entire cost of the damage to her home and furniture, as well as the stolen $500, amounted to a total of $1,187.

The MPD continued to investigate the crimes and issued a warrant for the arrest of Myronn Roberts. On Monday, July 18, Roberts was arrested on charges of unarmed burglary of a dwelling, grand theft, felony criminal mischief, possession of certain drugs without a prescription and resisting an officer without violence.

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