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Man arrested on burglary and assault

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Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that on Saturday, Sept. 10, at 2:58 a.m., Deputy Edwin McMullen was dispatched to a residence located on Coleman St. in response to an attempted burglary, as reported by the complainant.

Upon arriving at the residence, Deputy McMullen learned that a male offender (later identified as Vincent Lee Sanders, 32, of Madison) had kicked in the front door and was still inside the residence. Deputy McMullen could hear yelling as he approached the front door.

Another male subject was standing in the living room of the residence and told Deputy McMullen that the offender was in the hallway. Deputy McMullen entered the residence and walked into the hallway, where he observed Sanders physically attacking an adult female. Sanders was holding the female by her arm and around her neck.

Deputy McMullen ordered Sanders to release the female and Sanders let the victim go, only to aggressively start approaching Deputy McMullen.

Deputy McMullen deployed his taser, striking Sanders in the upper chest area. At this point, MCSO's Cpl. Jeff Rosenberg had arrived and was entering the house. Sanders was ordered to the floor, but he continued to physically resist Cpl. Rosenberg’s attempts to place him in wrist restraints.

Deputy McMullen was forced to deploy the taser a second time in order to gain compliance. Deputy McMullen and Cpl. Rosenberg were then able to apply wrist restraints and Sanders was taken into, custody without further incident. During this incident, Sanders also knocked a large hole in the wall as well as busting the front door frame. It is unclear why Sanders broke into the home and attacked the victim. The victim refused any medical treatment and Sanders was transported to the Madison County Jail.

Sanders is facing charges of burglary with committing assault/battery, criminal mischief, resisting a law enforcement officer and assault/battery on a law enforcement officer.

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