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Madison voters may receive incorrect info

Voters in Madison County may be receiving a mass mailing from the Voter Participation Center (VPC) as they have recently sent out a mass mailing to many residents in Florida.

The information contained inside the mailed-packets may likely be wrong and are causing quite the stir within the state as Florida voters begin to question whether or not their voice was truly counted during the March 15 elections.

The office of the Madison County Supervisor of Elections are not responsible for the inaccurate mailings of the cards that might state that the recipient is not registered to vote.

In fact, many of the county Supervisors of Elections within Florida are just as frustrated with the mistake made by the VPC.

“All [of] the Supervisors of Elections are riled up about it,” said Madison County Supervisor of Elections Tommy Hardee, before adding in astonishment that a fellow elections supervisor, from another county, had also received one of the cards that claimed he was not registered to vote.

The cards that are being sent out are meant to be sent back to the county’s Supervisor of Elections office to become registered voters.   The VPC has addressed the mistake, claiming that the cards were sent out in the hopes of reaching unregistered voters in the state of Florida.

VPC founder Page Gardner told news sources that the VPC regrets the mistake.

The mailing was hoped to reach a select group of individuals who are not frequently registered voters. “We concentrate on what we call the Rising American Electorate which is people of color, millennial and unmarried women,” Gardner said and added that no mailing list is perfect.

But with cards being sent out to uncountable registered voters, to minors, deceased individuals and even pets, the list is far from perfect and is raising outrage.

For Madison County, Hardee spoke of a frustrated voter who received a card but had not lived in the county since 1967.

The Madison County Supervisor of Elections office had no involvement with this mailing. “It has nothing to do with us,” said Hardee in reference to both the Madison County office and the offices across Florida. In this instance, the office of the Supervisor of Elections would request that you contact the responsible party in regards to the inaccurate information so that they may be held accountable.

Questions, concerns or complaints may be directed to Jennifer Carrier by mailing them to 1825 NW Eye Street, Washington, D.C., 20006, by calling (202) 420-3034 or by emailing

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