Madison Veterinary Clinic To Hold Open House

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4.30.14 – Madison Vet – 001


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4.30.14 – Madison Vet – 006

By Rose Klein
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The Madison Veterinary Clinic is hosting an open house that is open to the public on Thursday, May 1 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Drs. John Lewis and Darren Baxley and staff, will be showing off their shiny new equipment, fresh paint and new cabinets and floors to clients and potential clients. The open house is to showcase the efforts of the clinic that is intended to provide clients and their pets the “finest in veterinary care.”
Dr. Lewis and staff moved into the building 22 years ago and felt it was well past time to remodel and update their facilities and equipment. The renovations began in October of 2013, which was evident by the hammers, saws and drilling and may have been a little tough on clients (furry clients included), but Dr. Lewis feels the effort will be well worth the dust and noise incurred from the remodeling.
When you walk into the back office, the first thing you may notice is new tile on all the floors, where it used to be out-dated vinyl that was hard to keep clean and looking good. Walls have received new coats of paint and additions of large, new cabinets that give the staff plenty of room to stock preventatives, grooming supplies and food for customers. There is a third exam room, which staff member Amanda Oberschlake says has been beneficial in keeping appointments on track and all rooms are now equipped with lift tables, allowing dogs to be easily lowered and raised electronically, eliminating heavy lifting for the vet staff as well as making it easier for pets. The lift tables are popular with all the staff, especially Amber Lastinger, who said the tables are her favorite change in the remodel because she no longer has to struggle by picking up large dogs.
The largest renovation, however, has to be the grooming department and long-time groomer, Sheila Martin couldn’t be more pleased. Everything Martin had to do in grooming a dog, used to be in one room. Checking pets in or out, bathing, cutting hair and drying the dog after grooming. She was also required to use the medical staff’s washer and dryer and kennels. After the remodel, now when a client walks in for grooming, Martin can meet them outside her grooming area, in a small reception area built just for that. Her grooming room also has a new lift table, allowing her to raise or lower a dog without bending down and picking it up to cut hair or nails. Her new bathing tub has a pull out ramp where dogs can walk into the tub from the floor, also a back saver for Martin. After grooming, there is now another room the dogs will go to dry and the room also boasts its own washer and dryer and addition of more kennels. When asking Martin what her favorite thing was in her new space, she couldn’t decide, because she said, she loved it all.
Dr. Lewis said he is excited about the changes and hopes everyone will come by on the day of the open house and see what the hardworking and talented contractors have accomplished. The clinic will be serving complimentary all-beef hot dogs, chips and drinks as a way of saying thank you for support during the time of remodeling.
Madison Veterinary Clinic is located at 119 SW Captain Brown Rd. in Madison. For more information, call (850) 973-6936 or visit them at their new website
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Rose Klein

Written by Rose Klein