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Madison residents lend helping hand

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Greenville Baptist Church Pastor Jeff Bailey has been working tirelessly since Sunday, Oct. 14 to help those in need in Altha, Fla. after they endured the recent onslaught of Hurricane Michael. The storm devastated the area, destroying homes and businesses, downing trees and leaving many without electricity. "This problem is going to be around for a good while," said Bailey, who has made many trips to Altha since Oct. 14.

Along with Madison residents Timmy Dyke and Steven Williams, the trio have been cooking hot meals for local residents as often as possible, with the goal of providing two meals a day. Madison County High School (MCHS) Varsity Head Football Coach Mike Coe took a group of Cowboy football and baseball players to lend a helping hand, along with numerous other Madison residents who showed up to help with relief efforts on Saturday, Oct. 20.

" Thank you, Madison County. Boy, did Madison show up in numbers today in Altha," said Bailey. "Thank you for coming to serve a humble community. From tractors to chainsaws, cooking meals, delivering meals and helping out at the distribution center, everything you did was awesome."

Supplies continue to pour into the ravished community but "boots on the ground" will continue to be needed. Men with chainsaws are especially needed to help clear the massive amounts of debris and fallen trees that are virtually everywhere. "We still need people to help organize and distribute supplies to people," said Bailey. First Baptist Church of Altha is a distribution point for many of the supplies and presently seven or eight church members are trying to handle the daunting task of keeping things moving smoothly to those in need.

The needs are great throughout the Panhandle, so supplies will be needed for an extended period of time. Cleaning supplies and manual can openers are items that are currently in short supply. If you would like to help in this monumental effort to restore the lives of our neighbors to the west, contact Jeff Bailey at (850) 869-9791.

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