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Madison Health and Rehab celebrates National Nurses Week

Madison Health and Rehabilitation Center Celebrated Mother's Day, National Nurses Week and National Nursing Home and Facilities Week from May 8-14. The employees love to have a lot of fun and promote joy throughout every department during this time of the year. It all began on Sunday, May 8 when there was a special breakfast held for all of the mothers in the facility in honor of Mother's Day.

Then on Monday, May 9, Madison Health and Rehab threw caution to the wind and enjoyed some nice donuts and other refreshments. On Tuesday, May 10, they celebrated by dressing up as superheroes and recognized the best dressed superheroes from Tyler Sununu, administrator, who dressed as Batman to the nurses, who dressed in Captain America, Wonder Woman and Superman costumes.

Madison Health and Rehab realizes that their nurses and CNAs are real heroes for sure! Kathy Bass, PR, Liaison and Tracy Wood, CSS of  Big Bend Hospice joined the gang on Tuesday as well and so graciously served everyone cookies and ice cream!

Kevin Puhr, Music Therapist of Big Bend Hospice, played his guitar and sang sonnets to our seniors. Big Bend Hospice and Covenant Hospice nurses visited Madison Health and Rehab and many other facilities, providing specialized care, while serving the residents and families of those who have a terminal condition.

The residents held a Red Hat Tea Party for the ladies and the men attended their Gentleman's Club on Wednesday, May 11 while enjoying a little fellowship and sharing. On Thursday, May 12, the staff and residents were served a super special Mexican lunch and then later enjoyed peach milkshakes while the administrative team blessed the nurses by washing their vehicles.

Friday, May 13 was Sports Day so the staff all put on their favorite jerseys while several of the residents went bowling in Tallahassee. They enjoyed games with other residents from Centre Pointe Skilled Nursing and River Chase Nursing homes. The bowling trip has become an annual activity. Other events are held with friends from Tallahassee during the year such as picnicking in the park around the lake and an annual Valentine's day banquet at Centre Pointe N.H.

Madison Health and Rehab wants to thank all of our volunteers, the Big Bend Hospice and Covenant Hospice teams. They have been so much fun to have, together they tend to the ins and outs of everyday living. Residing in a skilled care or long term care facility can be exciting because everyone really likes to have fun!

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