Madison Golf And Country Club Gets New Look, New Owner

By Rose Klein
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The Madison Country Club is under going a make-over, with some much needed improvements that will be beneficial as well as beautiful. The remodeling is the result of new owner, Frank “Bump” Faircloth, who purchased the club in December of this past year. Faircloth said when he purchased the club he agreed to make improvements and to keep the course playable and in good condition for at least three years. The new look includes a totally remodeled clubhouse,
new irrigation on the golf course and the construction of a large deck that will enable members and guests to enjoy a relaxing view of the lake.
The club’s structure isn’t the only thing that will be renovated. Faircloth is encouraging a family atmosphere for the club and will begin offering events for women and children. One of the events for the ladies already on the roster is the reinstatement of ladies’ golf tournaments, such as the upcoming ladies Pot Williams tournament, scheduled Thursday, May 1. The men’s tournament is also scheduled and will begin on Saturday, May 3 and continue through Sunday, May 4. Faircloth is also offering memberships, with initiation fees being waived until June 30 of this year and adds, “Memberships will be limited, so please sign up.”
A very special event that is in the works and will be Faircloth’s grand opening event is the Champion’s Dinner, held Friday, Feb. 28. This event will honor all past golf champions, with some of the 27 champions present to tell the stories behind their victories. Several of the local champions attending will be Colin Howerton, Rockey Fraleigh,
Rock Fraleigh, Chad Smith, Billy Sullivan, Jarrod Sullivan, Dale Brown and David Jackson. Some notable out-of-town champions include Frank Eldridge, the 1962 champion and Walt Lamb, Sr., the 1964 champion. Social hour will begin at 6 p.m. with dinner being served at 6:30 p.m. Dinner will include some nostalgia with Danny Terrell preparing his famous prime rib, traditionally cooked for the club years ago and Shelby’s catering will fill in with the accompaniments. The cost for non-members is $25 per person. For reservations to the event, call (850) 973-6701.
When “Bump” (ask him how he earned his nickname), was asked why he purchased the club, he said he played at the country club in 1984 at a Pot Williams tournament and was attracted to it by the friendliness of the people and for the historical value of the club itself. Faircloth said it remained one of his favorite courses to play and came back to Madison every year for 30 years to play the tournament. When there, Faircloth would envision improvements (he is now making) so when the opportunity was presented, Faircloth and the club seemed to be a good fit. Faircloth’s son, Brian, will be also active in the club, working with “Bump” in management positions as well as promotions, making the club a real family affair. Faircloth owns several businesses in Perry and says he loves being able to create jobs for people and to give them a quality living and owning the Madison Country Club will now allow him to do that in Madison.
Faircloth wants to invite anyone interested to visit the Madison Golf and Country Club and to check out the club’s improvements. He was also very adamant about relaying a big “thank you” to everyone who helped with the transition of the club’s ownership, especially the staff and members, who he said made the experience for him very positive.

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