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Madison family goes viral

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Recently, a home video has stormed the internet. It features a little girl shuffling to the music from the hit video game, "Fortnite." Soon, the girl is joined by all three of her big brothers in an epic dance session, including impressive and, at times, hilarious moves inspired by the game. "When Little Sister Wants to Dance" is performed by the Vullo siblings, who call Madison their hometown.

Parents, Michael and Leslie Vullo moved their family to Madison in 2003 and lived here up until last year when Michael was relocated for work. However, the family frequently visits Madison, oftentimes attending their home church, Fellowship Baptist. The couple has four children: Bryce, 16; Jayce, 12; Vance, 11; and Anna Grace, five.

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The Vullos are a close-knit family. In the back row, pictured from left to right, are: Bryce Vullo, Michael Vullo and Leslie Vullo. In the front row, pictured from left to right, are: Vance Vullo, Anna Grace Vullo and Jayce Vullo.

"We were getting ready to go to the movies and the kids called us in there to show us something," said Michael Vullo. "We got a huge kick out of their dance and posted it to Facebook. All of our friends began sharing it and, eventually, one friend asked me if I would make the video public so he could share it with his friends."

As soon as Vullo opened the video to the public, it took off like wildfire. The video immediately began gaining views and, soon, a group page on Facebook with many followers asked Vullo's permission to share the video. In approximately two days, the video reached two million views.

Since then, the views have grown and Vullo can barely keep track of the audience, estimating in the millions on Facebook alone. In addition, popular news and pop culture sources have begun sharing the video on their websites, such as MSN, Daily Mail,, VT., LADbible,UNILAD, YouTube, Vimeo, AOL, Yahoo, Rumble and Uplifting Today.

Recently, the Vullos attended church camp and many students, whom the Vullos had never met, recognized the siblings. Many people, online and in person, are referring to the youngest brother, Vance, as "the kid in the blue hat." In fact, a hashtag has been created in order for viewers to discuss Vance's cool moves: #kidinthebluehat.

"I think the video appealed to all audiences," said father, Michael Vullo. "It's big brothers looking out for their little sister and just having a good time with her. We are also a large family and many people can relate to that. The video appealed to younger audiences because the video game "Fortnite" is so popular. The moves they danced to are from that game."

The Vullo family's experience is proof that the internet is an extremely powerful tool with the ability to connect you to millions of people in a matter of seconds. The Vullos were able to use the unexpected fame to spread a positive message about family. Remember the Vullos the next time you post to the internet; like them, you may become the next viral sensation!

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