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Madison Cowgirls play against Aucilla Lady Warriors

The Madison County Varsity Cowgirls basketball team won their Monday night home game against Aucilla Christian by a score of 67-33. During the first quarter, Aucilla was dominating the court with a score of 18-5, but it was during the second quarter, in which Aucilla only scored once, that the Cowgirls really asserted themselves. The second quarter ended with a total of 39-1 in the Cowgirls’ favor. The third quarter followed suit, Aucilla still falling behind with a 19-4 scoring. But Aucilla’s Lady Warrior’s claimed the fourth round as they scored a 10-4 in their gain. The final scoring was 33 for Aucilla Christian and 67 for Madison County. The game resulted in bringing Madison County’s Cowgirls overall rating to 6-0, and Aucilla Christian’s Lady Warriors rating to 1-3. Madison’s Cowgirls will have their next game against Lake City’s Columbia on Tuesday, Dec. 1; it will be another home game for the Cowgirls.IMGP1451


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