Madison County Memorial Hospital Name Not Changing

By Jessie R. Box
Greene Publishing, Inc.
Madison County Memorial Hospital name will not change when moved to the new building. Several months ago, it was decided that the name would change to Faith Community Hospital at Madison.
“After receiving input from several members of our community and from the Madison County Board of County Commissioners, our hospital board met and conferred and decided that in the best interest of continuity and preserving history, the name of the new hospital would continue to be Madison County Memorial Hospital,” said Ted Ensminger, HCAHPS Coordinator and Director of Marketing at Madison County Memorial Hospital. “This decision also supports the three key values of the hospital: Faith, Family and History.”
The new Madison County Memorial Hospital building is expected to be ready to begin transferring patients from the older building on August 1. The building still has some items that must be finished before it is ready. The ceiling and flooring is not installed completely yet.
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