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Madison County Central School store opens

With an official ribbon cutting ceremony that was attended by members of the Chamber of Commerce and the Madison County Community Bank, on Wednesday, Feb. 3 Madison County Central School opened up a Positive Behavior Store.

MCCS now offers a reward program where students are rewarded for their good behavior or going out of their way to be kind or gracious to other students by receiving ‘Bronco Bucks.’

In turn, these Bronco Bucks can be turned into the MCCS bank and be used to purchase toys, fun erasers, water bottles, stuffed animals or cute trinkets from the Positive Behavior Store.

The hopes of the program creators is that the store will actively teach students what behaviors are expected of them, and that it will both create a positive school climate and culture, as well as acting as a counteractive step against the negative peer influences around the students.

With an official ribbon cutting ceremony that was attended by the Chamber of Commerce and with the bank being run by student tellers who have been under the guidance of the Madison County Community Bank spokespersons, it is hoped that the Positive Behavior Store flourishes and becomes an active part of encouraging the students at MCCS to build positive relationships with the adults and students around them, as well as encouraging them to demonstrate positive social and emotional skills and behaviors.

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