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Madison County Central School Homecoming Court takes center stage


Greene Publishing, Inc. Photo By Rick Patrick, September 15, 2016

The 2016 Madison County Central School Homecoming Court.

Rick Patrick

Greene Publishing, Inc.

As the Broncos of Madison County Central School (MCCS) hit the locker room at halftime, during the Homecoming football game on Thursday, Sept. 15, the MCCS Homecoming Court took the field. Representatives from each grade, from K through eighth grade came out, looking their best. The representatives from K through second grade were selected randomly by MCCS Principal David Chambers pulling names out of a hat. The third through eighth grade representatives were selected by their peers.

The Pre-K representatives on the Homecoming Court were Mayalah Malone and DeShawn McCraw.

The kindergarten Homecoming Court Representatives were Wil’lecia Glee and Wade Noe.

Representing the first grade on the Homecoming Court was Naveah Phillips and Jarrett Pickles.

The second grade representatives were Jaiden Johnson and Mandreanan Bruton.

On the Homecoming Court from the third grade was Tyrik Tilman and Harmony Copeland.

The fourth grade Homecoming Court Representatives were Braydon Coe and Lamarya Roberson.

The Honorary Bronco was Shye Jennings.

The fifth grade representatives on the MCCS Homecoming Court were Jamerial Weatherspoon and Jaylin Bennett.

From the sixth grade on the Homecoming Court was Harmony Ealy and Timothy Roberson.

The seventh grade representatives on the Homecoming Court were Destini Butler and Ty Duhart.

The eighth grade students on the Homecoming Court were Taniah Hatchett, Joseph Jackson, Jessie Roberts, and Roderick Williams.

The students selected to be Mr. and Miss MCCS were Roderick Williams and Taniah Hatchett.

All these students represented their grade and Madison County Central School very well during Homecoming week.

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