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Log truck overturns

Log bearing trucks frequently speed down Harvey Greene Dr. despite the tight and curving restraints of the road, as well as the pitted cement.

So, it was no surprise when, on Wednesday, March 16 around 10 a.m., the driver of a log truck took a curve too tightly and flipped his vehicle onto its side, spilling the cargo over the road and shoulder.

Philip Lee, 51, of Valdosta, was driving eastbound on Harvey Greene Dr. when he lost control of his truck and ended up with the vehicle becoming turned over.

The trailer truck took on a considerable amount of damage and Lee was transported to Madison County Memorial Hospital due to a minor injury to his head.

An oil leak occurred as a result of the crash and city workers had to not only clean up the tipped out logs and broken glass from the truck's windows but the spilled oil as well.

The logs that had been poured out onto the roadside were picked up and placed in another vehicle that was owned by J and J Logging, Inc.; the same logging company of the crashed truck.

Lee was cited for careless driving.

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